Why is Dot NET the Most Usable Framework for Custom Software Development?



Developed by the technology giant Microsoft, .NET is a framework that has given developers freedom and flexibility during the coding and provided businesses with lot of features. If you have read more about Custom Software Application Development, then .net has to be in the top framework.  However, the framework became popular after 2014 when Microsoft introduced a new update and announced it to be an open source framework. From then on, .net development has taken a rise and looks very promising in the future. 

.NET family of frameworks is a very big ecosystem and known by many names like .NET Platform, .NET framework, or sometimes with just .NET. The inception of .NET started at least two decades ago. The previous platforms for Software Development services were not efficient and flexible for developers. With constrained coding environments and frameworks, Microsoft started working on .NET based on the concept of “managed code”. Here, it means that developers can code directly in a runtime environment. During the launch of the .NET framework in 2002, it offered several new features. GUI desktop applications library – WinForm, a framework designed for web applications and custom software application development – ASP.NET and the data access feature called ADO.NET. But, it was not the introduction time when .net application development services got a boost but in 2014 when Microsoft took some crucial and industry-defining steps. Let’s know everything about .NET and its benefits that have made it a favorite framework for modern businesses. 

What is .NET Framework?

With growing complex technologies and demands of the users, businesses are preferring the custom development of their software and applications. Custom software development services give businesses the freedom of implementing their ideas in a unique way. Innovative startups always prefer the customizable option. Talking specifically about software application development, .NET has three main divisions.

Windows Presentation Foundation: Focused on helping developers create interactive applications, WPF works as a user interface tool during the development of any kind of application. 

Windows Forms: It is the .NET’s GUI Library that is compatible and used most for high-quality graphics-based applications. Focusing more on desktop applications, it can also be used for multiple purposes. 

NET Forms of ASP.NET forms: More advanced version as compared to above two, Asp net development encompasses a plethora of features which are mostly used by businesses. With its features like being secure, safe, flexible, and scalable, businesses enjoy creating applications with Asp.net web development. Being one of the neat methods to develop custom applications, Asp.net has gained popularity very quickly. Backed by the technology leader Microsoft, Asp.net based applications have crossed the mark of 10 million last year.

What Has Made .NET Development so Popular in the World?

From the year 2014, when Microsoft posted an update making Asp.net a cross-platform framework, there has been an incredible rise in the use of this technology among the developers. According to a survey performed by Stack overflow, ASP.NET was found 2nd in the list of the most popular frameworks for custom software application development.

After 2014, it was used for multiple purposes. Being a cross-platform technology, developers can use the same code for different Operating systems. Being compatible with multiple devices on the internet, reducing the cost of development, and increased consistency. The open-source announcement also allowed developers to play with the base code. They can try and test it for any type of software or application. It was the time when .net development services came out in the market from every corner of the world.

Another feature that uplifted the popularity of this language is the Common Runtime Language. It allows developers to use any language for the project that comes under the .NET umbrella. Through this, web development has become very creative and unique.  

Top 15 Reasons to choose .Net Framework for custom software application development

Top Reasons to Choose Dot Net

1. Platform independent technology 

The first and foremost reason why businesses are always chasing Asp.net development services is its independence from the platform. An app coded can run across the operations systems like Windows, Linux, and many more. Businesses always want flexibility when they create software for the long term and Asp net development allows them to transform for any platform without additional costing or resources. 

2. Four “Ities” making it the most reliable framework for development

There are many options available in the market yet more than 40% of businesses choose Asp net development because it is the most reliable technology. This technology has received 5 stars from developers and experts across the world for – Reliability, Scalability, Security, and Compatibility. Over the years, the trust in the technology has grown based on the results of its use. Having the ability to safeguard valuable assets make this technology preferred for every business. Also, scalability has to be the prime factor for startups choosing the .NET development services over any other technology. For startups, choosing easy scalable options ensures that they won’t go through a lot of costing and transformation once they are growing. 

3. Simplified development process

The .Net framework was introduced with a concept of “managed code” which meant to reduce the efforts and time taken by developers. With active memory management, dedicated developers had to think less about the code management processes. New developers started learning the language in the early-stage and this ensured that there was no lack of qualified .net developers when the brand needed it. Hiring a .net developer became easier and affordable for businesses.  

4. .NET framework has 44 languages under its ecosystem

Giving the user freedom to choose any language, .net development became the preferred option for everyone. Each language has some characteristic feature that helps developers to customize the project according to requirements. Therefore, customization of the project became an easy option in Software development services. 

5. High Performance-driven outputs

Along with being one of the most reliable frameworks, .NET is very fast and responsive. The user or developer can check the outcomes in a dynamic mode which reduces the overall time and amplifies the efficiency. The compilation process is quicker than many other frameworks making .net development a better choice for developers. 

6. Cost-Effective

One of the reasons why the Asp.net development company chooses the .NET framework is because of its free of cost framework. While developing any custom software application, the integrated development environment is essentially the defining phase for cost management. Backed by Microsoft, .NET is open source and free to use technology. Therefore, it is the ideal choice for Startups who are looking to get their work done within an affordable budget. Also for the enterprises who want safe and secure technology for their software, it is a perfect choice. 

7. Tools and editors

For frameworks to be flexible, the editors and tools are quintessential. The multiple types of tools and editors ensure that developers are getting all the assistance they need inside a single virtual environment. From coding, compiling to deployment the .NET ecosystem has numerous tools and editors that establish a perfect place to develop a custom software application. With the help of Microsoft Visual Studio, developers can access every tool of .net development. 

8. The big community

Across the globe, Microsoft has developed a huge community of experienced professionals and proficient experts of the .NET framework. As of now, there are more than 5 million .net developers who are a part of that community. From being the founder of an Asp.net development company to a new beginner, people across industries are part of it. The good part is that almost 2 million developers have shared their experiences across multiple channels like Github, Hackerrank, and other platforms.

Over the years, this community has developed and now there are competitions, awards, and events happening everywhere. Such support for the .NET ecosystem has attracted many big brands to use it. 

9. MVC Architecture

The model view controller architecture simplifies the development process. With instant visible results, the process gets quicker and for businesses, the time to market is reduced. In addition to this, the MVC architecture promotes code reusability and has SoC – separation of concerns which eliminates the complexity between two modules of code. With these features, generally, rapid application development becomes easy and the developer can focus on elevating the quality of the project. 

10. Rich user interface controls

User experience has become a prime factor that decides the success of the project. .NET development framework completely provides the control to the developer. Even with the third-party tools, Microsoft has provided complete compatibility options. Especially with Telerik. It is a user interface tool that has drag and drop functionality for designing the interfaces.

To deliver a great user experience, the .NET framework has a rich set of designing tools and templates ready. For developers, it is none less than a library that helps them on every step. 

11. Integration with other Microsoft apps

Microsoft is a technology giant and when someone says it, that means there are a plethora of services. From cloud technologies to integrated development environments and much more, Microsoft offers everything. For any type of custom software development, a .NET development company can completely rely on Microsoft. 

12. Quick deployment

The auto-compilation feature of the .NET framework keeps checking for any bugs during the final compilation. This framework supports one-time setup creation which helps to deploy applications faster. Through the Microsoft server, deployment of custom software becomes smooth and easy. Deployment is the last step in the development process and less time spent here was quick completion of the project. 

13. Enhanced safety and security

There is a built-in authentication and pre-application configuration system that ensures the security levels are high and safe from common cyber attacks. During the complete development lifecycle, the web server monitors the processes, systems, and compilations going on. In an instant, if there is some unknown activity taking place or any data leakage, the web-server eliminates the ongoing processes and restarts it immediately. Microsoft has taken care of the complete security of any project going on. For any Asp .Net development company, complying with these protocols is necessary to achieve the highest level of security. 

14. Caching and action filters

Caching has revolutionized the speed of multiple devices. Bringing the required thing in less time, cache files are working incredibly well for users. Every software or application of the modern world surely has the caching ability. Alongside this, .net framework also has authorization action filters. Error handling features and custom login features make it a complete ecosystem for developing any kind of application. 

15. Cloud-based development is more scalable

Modern businesses need multiple dynamic features to be added to their custom software. With changing needs of the time,  users are also advancing very quickly. In such time, cloud-based technologies have emerged as saviours of small businesses and growing startups.

With reduced costing when a cloud is involved, it gives businesses the flexibility of changing the features without much investment. 

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The rise in popularity of .net frameworks has produced amazing applications. Many best-selling Microsoft products are using the .NET framework for their development and maintenance. It is quite evident that .net development has got a bright future ahead. The only important aspect left now is to choose a perfect software development company in USA. Consulting Whiz has been pioneering the space of custom software applications for the last 13 years. After working with world leaders and market dominators, they have a team of highly experienced professionals. As a .Net development company in USA, Consulting Whiz has worked on more than 70 .net development projects. Helping more than 500+ businesses with their technological needs, the experts at Consulting Whiz have brought success every time.

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