Why is Laravel Considered One of the Best PHP Framework for Development?



When it comes to web development, choosing the right framework before starting the process is the most crucial decision, made by the development team. And the decision depends on many factors. One may want the best framework available in 2020, which is why Laravel web app development has become a popular trend for all types of web applications. Being among the best open-source PHP framework, it allows easy and quick development with outstanding performance. 

Laravel is designed to build web apps based on Symfony with the MVC pattern to get various features while developing. Talking about its popularity, almost 25 out of 30 developers suggest that Laravel is way better than other framework options, and if you look at the insights, it’s way ahead of Zend, Yii, and CodeIgniter. The companies going with the framework are mostly in real estate, tech firms, retail, and so on. As per the recent reports, around 57% of the companies will prefer Laravel development for the custom web apps by the end of 2020.

Let’s get started with the main reasons that make Laravel better.

Why is Laravel the best PHP Framework in 2020?

Benefits of Laravel for Development

1. MVC Architecture Support 

As mentioned earlier, Laravel supports MVC architectural pattern, which makes it easy for developers to create small or large business apps with faster programming and convenience. Web artisans can manage big projects using MVC, which simplifies the coding structure and makes it easy to find files in the logical directories.

2. Built-in Authentication

Laravel PHP framework offers state of the art user authentication. With its easy-to-use authentication, you can create a user model, login controller, and user registration module just like that. It is super easy and adds additional functionalities as per the project requirements.

3. Routing System

Developers using Laravel enjoy the simple and easy routing approach offered by the framework. One only needs to build the right directory for each URI and links with various name routes wiring the PHP code. 

4. Blade Templating Engine

Blade is one of the best technical advantages, offered by the Laravel community. Blade templating engine helps you view code in a super-easy way, and allows you to understand the architecture quite easily. With it, you can create smaller sections and use them after the views are gathered to plain PHP code and cache.

5. Events & Task Scheduling

With the event and broadcasting concept, Laravel advances the web app development to execute real-time data. It allows the developer to share the same event name between client and server-side to fetch real-time data. 

On the other hand, Scheduler is an addition to the framework, allowing task scheduling with mail services for the subscribers in the software. It also makes the app faster with automated database cleaning.

6. Testing

Testing is an essential process to create a successful web app for the client. While testing an app created with Laravel, you get the default unit test with bug detection and prevention. This makes testing more secure and faster to create smooth and fast web applications.

Apart from these, there are many reasons to choose Laravel for PHP framework development like its Active community, API Documentation, Elegant Dependency Injection, and super easy Artisan Commands, etc. Talking about its benefits, you must understand the recent trends in Laravel web development to make the most out of it.

Laravel Development Trends 

Some of the prominent companies like Swiggy, Dream11, and Byju started using the PHP framework, and here are the latest trends of Laravel web development that will dominate 2021 and the year coming ahead.

* PHP Outsourcing Getting Easier

As the demand for Laravel professionals is going to increase, PHP outsourcing market will also rise by the year 2020. Laravel development companies are going to get huge attention, which will be beneficial for the global market and tech companies.

* Laravel Library

For all the Laravel developers and beginners, the Laravel library provides a wide range of pre-written codes and insights that helps you make your web app more dynamic and feature-rich. With the purpose-oriented library, the implementation gets easier and faster for the technical team.

* PHP Web App and IoT

To make the most out of IoT and its potential in modern web development, companies are now leveraging the power of Laravel PHP. PHP is the basic requirement for IoT solutions; hence, it is going to be a huge trend in 2021.

* Smart Chatbots

Web apps are all about enhancing user experience and engaging potential customers, and what works better than chatbots? PHP tools and frameworks make the chatbots better due to the open-source language and easy to implement the framework. Chatbots made with PHP can become the new conversion agents in the years to come.

Apart from these, MVC Support Laracasts’s educational platform and quick app development process make Laravel for PHP framework development the best option.

How to Implement Laravel in Web Applications 

If you are looking to switch to the Laravel framework for your web app development, here are the top 5 ways you can implement Laravel to web applications.

implement laravel to Web apps

1. Integrate with Mail Services

Laravel offers mail service integration to allow your users to get email notifications for promotional offers, order details, registrations, and more. Apart from this, Laravel offers drivers for Mail gun, SMTP, Amazon SES, and PHP’s mail, etc. Additionally, Laravel also enables notification through Slack and SMS.

2. Swift Web App Development

Not only Laravel speeds up the development process but supports a caching backend that improves web app performance. The default configuration of the Laravel framework allows you to integrate tools that lead to better app development.

3. Eloquent ORM

Eloquent ORM is the best and the most advanced PHP Active Record execution available, which makes database management easy and simple. It helps developers to define model relationships to track history and create separate records during the Laravel PHP development.  

Here is an example to fetch a file related to a user

  1. foreach($user->Files as $file) {
  2. echo $file->name;
  3. }

4. Ques System Configuration

As more traffic starts to come onto your web app, it is recommended to balance the load and keep data integration and speed in pace. This is when the Laravel queue service plays a big part. It has a unified API over queue backends, which defer the process and speed the web app performance at every step.

5. Database Migration

Migration of data is among the main procedures of a web development project especially, when multiple developers are working together on a large-sized project. In Laravel, data migrations are built into the framework, and they can be implemented through the Artisan command-line utility. With its Schema Builder, developers don’t have to worry about the migration as the function allows anyone to quickly write the database schema change.

Having the right expertise to implement these features can make your web app stand ahead in the competition and the possibilities are endless when it comes to Laravel development.

Costing of Laravel Web Application Development

After all the research and technical knowledge, one question that always arrives is how much does it cost to hire a Laravel development company?

Finding the right fit is among the most crucial tasks as there are many factors involved. You can either outsource or find a local web app development company; whatever suits you. But there are multiple factors that determine the overall Laravel development cost.

Every company has its unique structure that can be understood once you figure out the location, purpose, and purpose to create a web app. 

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Location: Hire a Laravel PHP developer who is experienced enough to fulfil all your requirements, whether it’s a local company or from another country. This lowers down the further development cost.

Requirement: The bigger your project gets, the more it will cost you. A basic Laravel web app will cost you from $5000 to $20,000.

Hourly Rate: Most of the companies offer hourly rates that go from $25 to $40 per hour, and the average time can reach up to 3 months at least.

So, the overall cost of developing a web application with the Laravel framework may range from $5000 to $40,000 depending on the aforementioned factors.

Hire Dedicated Laravel Framework Developers for Your Business App

If you have not considered Laravel for web app development, then the exceptional benefits of this framework and performance capability are the main reasons to use Laravel PHP framework and leverage its advanced features. Not only will you get a fast and feature-rich web application, but the developers will come up with the best digital asset for your business, however, for ensuring the best result you will have to hire Laravel PHP experts who are experienced enough with its latest version and insights.

Talking about a team that holds vast experience in Laravel web development, ConsultingWhiz is the leading Website development company in the USA known for its professionalism and expertise. We have worked with businesses of all sizes from all over the world, which Our professionals use specific techniques to make the most out of Laravel’s extensive advantages and deliver scalable web applications based on your industry-specific requirements.

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