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Web development is constantly evolving and expanding its scope. Every day, there is a new technology that surpasses the previous one, and businesses all over the world are embracing the next-gen tech game to get ahead in the competition. The year 2021 is certainly one characterized by disruption and evolution, and businesses are eager to utilize digital business assets like software, web, and mobile apps to reshape their brand. With the continuous change in the IT sector, web development practices are becoming more complex but also increasingly essential. 

Check out our complete guide to web app development to discover the latest trends used to build exceptional websites and applications. 

Scope and Benefits of Web App Development

Before getting started, you need to understand the scope and various possibilities related to web app development in 2021. Web apps are among the fastest-growing tools for all types of businesses. With modern techniques and resources, the market for web app development is on the rise. Industry reports indicate that within the last 3 years, pharma, automotive, industrial equipment, and educational organizations are adopting web app solutions for their businesses, and in the last 5 years, the demand for website development has increased by 44%.  

The major benefits of developing a web app for a business.

  • Custom web applications are scalable and expanded as per the latest market trends. You can customize them as required for new customers.
  • Technologies like virtual reality, blockchain, IoT development Motion User Interface, and more are helping businesses with advanced analytics and secure data processing with web app development.
  • More than 80% of users buy a service or product based on the functionalities and features of a website. The more user-friendly it is, the more revenue a business can generate. Not having a website is simply not an option in today’s corporate landscape.
  • Websites assist in customer relationship management and expand market reach.

What is Web App Development?

Web development includes website development with the help of engaging content, UI/UX, and a suitable framework for a business. Websites are built with technologies like HTML, CSS, and JS to store a large database, which later gets promoted online for generating leads. The site works similarly to a mobile app since web apps are usually designed for web users who like to do their research before buying a product or service. To understand this better, think of Mailchimp, Google Docs, and Salesforce as some of the most common examples of web applications.

What’s the Difference between Mobile App and Web App?

Although mobile and web applications are alike in many ways, there are substantial differences to be noted.

  1. Mobile apps are exclusively made for mobile phones and smart devices, supporting Android, iOS, Windows, and more. Web apps are designed for desktop and web browsing, which you can explore without using a mobile phone.
  2. You have to download mobile apps from the Apple App or Google Play stores whereas web apps function in a web browser without acquiring your mobile space.

Similarly, Web Apps Are Slightly Different from Websites

  1. A website is an informative resource of a business that helps users to understand a brand and its services. A web app is more technically complex and designed for user purposes.
  2. The website is prepared on a server with pictures, CSS files, PDFs, content, and business information. Web apps directly create the content of the HTML pages with Email, social networks, online business programs, and more.

Types of Web Applications:

1. Client-Side Web Application

These apps are developed in JavaScript and JS frameworks and contain only the client’s part. If you don’t need to store user data for a long time, client-side web apps are valuable. For example, you can use client-side web apps for image editors and game apps.

2. Server-Side Web Application

Server-side web apps are helpful for remote desktop purposes and allow users to run software from anywhere. Developers use programming languages like Ruby, Python, PHP, and C# to develop such applications.

3. Single Page Web Application

These web apps are designed using both front-end and back-end technology. Unlike its name implies, single page web apps have complex software that provides both server-side and client-side benefits and works without any page reloads in the web browser.

Elements of Web Development Frameworks

Here are some of the trending web app development technologies in 2021 and years to come:

1) Database

MySQL is the best database for web app development that offers multifunctional and simple usage for the highest speed. Apart from these, PostgreSQL and Oracle are the options to design powerful commercial databases.

2) Front End Technology

For the user interactive web apps, these are the best JS frameworks for front-end development.

* React

For building the user interface, react is a powerful front-end library maintained by Facebook. It is suitable for large scale software development.

* Vue

Known as a ‘progressive JavaScript Framework’ Vue is smaller and easier to learn than React and is suitable for medium to large-sized projects.

* Svelte

As a newer software in town, Svelte is a compiler rather than a network, which means no virtual DOM and no framework to load at runtime. It is perfect for small-sized web apps and among the fastest-growing for performance.

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3) Backend Frameworks

* Ruby

The excellent documentation and open-source technology make Ruby a powerful option for back-end development. Using Ruby on Rails can help in launching CRUD resources within a few hours. 

* Node.js

A simple yet high-quality framework designed to create fast web applications. Some of the popular apps created with Node.js are PayPal and GoDaddy as it can run software on multiple hosting platforms.

* Django in Python

With the high-level python framework, Django can fulfill all the back-end web development tasks. This helps to make the app advanced and lightweight for long-term use.

Other options may include Laravel in PHP and Java.

Web development trends you need to look out for in 2021:

If you are looking to develop successful web applications with next-gen technologies, here are the future trends that you should follow for result-driven web app development.

* AI-Based Chatbots

Having excellent customer service on a global level means providing 24/7 support as needed. Web development has shifted towards automation and machine learning when it comes to communicating with customers. AI-powered chat-bots can answer FAQs, real-time queries, and lead analysis without any manual oversight.

Even a small, one-page website with a chat-bot can generate better leads than a multi-function website without proper customer support features.

* Voice Search

Voice search is a trending feature that allows users to quickly find what they’re looking for. As a popular trend in web development practices, voice search can become an integral part of your business web applications to let users interact with the app and take them to relevant pages with keywords and optimization.

* Push Notifications

Push notifications are an important medium for improving the overall user experience and sales effort of your team. Just like the notifications in a mobile app, web applications can achieve results with push notifications for recent blog posts, discounts, updates, and other news.

The ability to reach your customers via push notification will help to target the right audience and offer an additional medium to engage your potential customers.

* Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web applications are one of the most powerful trends in the web app development industry. It enhances website browsing especially by combining native mobile apps and mobile sites. Users can explore it like a regular web app through a web browser, and it works like a mobile app without eating up your mobile space. In short, PWA is a website that offers functionality usually available to native apps such as push notifications, offline access, etc.

* Motion UI

Every web app aims to be as appealing and user-friendly as possible. For this reason, Motion UI is an excellent solution to attract users with beautiful graphics and animations. It makes it easier to add design elements and developers can conveniently operate with them.

Apart from these mentioned above, API first developments, Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Responsiveness are some additional trends that developers should follow in order to master the web application development process and create results for clients.

Cost to Build Web Application in 2021

Cost to develop web application in 2020

Web app development cost depends on various factors, including locations, development companies, requirements, and functionalities. A basic web app needs API integration, complex development techniques, custom UI/UX, and testing, which bring the overall cost up to $40,000 to $150,000 depending on your budget and preferences.

Create the Next-Gen Web Application Today!

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