Why CodeIgniter is the Best Framework for Custom Software Development?



Growing businesses keep evolving and their internal processes are mould into perfection for producing efficiency and productivity. These Enterprises can’t grow with pre-made software because of the size of processes and uniqueness involved. Therefore, custom software development is the best choice for growing startups and businesses. According to Statista, enterprise software spending for the year 2021 is forecasted to be nearly $506 Billion. Custom software development provides a business with upgraded and personalised tools for functions like accounting, human resource management, supply chain management and much more.

When it comes to comparison of custom software and off the shelf software products, the custom made ones give an advantage to the business regarding flexibility and unique functionality. Whereas, off-shelf software products are made with a focus on the global audience which leaves little room for customization for a business and affects the efficiency.

Custom Software Provides

  • Better security because of development with required attention to business niche and vulnerabilities.
  • Automation abilities to the business, thus saving both time and financial resources
  • The economy of scale to the business by a constant evolution of functions and capabilities.
  • Technical support that is dependable and is familiar with the build of the software

Though when it comes to creating spectacular websites or applications, it requires the use of a versatile scripting language like PHP as it provides the option of working with frameworks. These are a pre-built block of codes that make the process of software and website development faster and more efficient. There are different PHP frameworks available for the development process such as CakePHP, Zend, Laravel and Drupal.

But when it comes to building powerful and efficient web applications, the CodeIgniter PHP framework is highly preferred by the developers. 

What is CodeIgniter and How is it Useful in Web Development?

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP based framework best suited for web development projects. With its toolkit filled with modern and latest features, CodeIgniter can develop full-fledged web applications. According to Statista, the CodeIgniter PHP framework is used by nearly 5,29,398 websites currently and the number is growing rapidly which is made possible by the light CodeIgniter web framework. One of the major advantages of CodeIgniter is that it allows the developers to work with it without depending on the MVC development pattern along with the option of effortless integration of third-party plugins.

This is why CodeIgniter software development is rapidly getting popular among developers and here we present some reasoning as to why CodeIgniter framework can be the best choice for your custom website development requirements.

Why is CodeIgniter Best Option For Your Business?

Top 8 Reasons to use Codeigniter for your Business Application Development

* Ease of Use

When it comes to CodeIgniter software development, the biggest benefit is the open-source framework. This allows the developers to build highly flexible applications while having a huge space for scalability in the future. The CI framework development process involves the on-demand availability of various libraries of codes that can be reused to ensure better productivity and results in the development of a faster, reliable website and web application for the business.

* Requires Less Code

Coding efficiency is one of the popular reasons that explains why CodeIgniter framework has seen the huge interest of web developers in it. This is possible due to its option to integrate various third-party plugins while writing the code. This saves the coder from writing the code for every small function while as a business it makes your website less prone to bugs and errors in the future.

* Model-View-Controller based Framework

The CodeIgniter MVC framework provides a rapid pace to the development process while maintaining the optimum performance of the website. Under the MVC framework when a user requests any information from the servers of the website, it is the controller which replies first to the query. If the request is genuine, the controller fetches and produces the required data for the user while following a highly secure safety protocol to maintain the privacy of the user.

* Lightweight

The lightweight nature of CodeIgniter makes it a preferred choice for the creation of MVPs and Prototypes. Web applications made with CodeIgniter are fast and visually appealing which makes it a great choice for a variety of needs. The reason why CI framework development is better than other similar frameworks is that it is well maintained for almost a decade now. Besides, the easy installation process is also one of the top reasons why CodeIgniter is the best option for your web development needs.

* Better Search Engine Optimisation

There was a time when web development had nothing to do with the marketing part, but with the rise of competition for higher positions on the search engine rankings, it has become necessary to pay attention to SEO. This is why the CodeIgniter framework is laced with libraries of code that aid the SEO process of your website. Due to its highly customisable nature, it can also be used with SEO plugins in the course of development.

*Smooth Migration

A common drawback of other PHP frameworks is their difficult migration process. This is why CodeIgniter is better than other frameworks, it facilitates two side migration with the utmost ease. If somehow you forget the placement directory of your old data, you can easily shift the identical data to the platform without any hassle. The simplicity of the data structure and data management in CodeIgniter is one of a kind, making it a top choice for web application development projects among the majority of developers.

* Security and Encryption

PHP is a backend language and deals with data all the time, that is why keeping the data secure and encrypted is one of the main priorities while developing a website. XSS, which is cross-site scripting is one of the main concerns for the developers and to handle this, CodeIgniter provides a dedicated XSS filtering security system. This ensures that there is no injection of malicious JavaScript code or hijacking of the cookies.

* Extensive Documentation

A top reason to choose CodeIgniter is it’s highly detailed and helpful documentation available in the public domain. Along with this, the CodeIgniter boasts a rapidly growing community of web developers, who are ready to provide support with the help of various forums that are scattered all over the Internet. Further, a good amount of Youtube videos are also available to bail out the developers from any confusion regarding the functionality.

* What is The Future of CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is an MVC based framework that originated way back in February 2006. Since then, it has been evolved multiple times into an enhanced and better version to serve the advancing technology. The growth of Laravel PHP development and other Open-ended Front end frameworks has sparked the debate of Death for CodeIgniter. But, the reality is that CodeIgniter has only evolved into becoming the favourite choice for front-end development.

EllisLab maintains the CodeIgniter framework and they have recently released the CI Version 3.0 with features that are way good apart from competitors. Some of the new features are the use of PHP 7 and backward compatibility. Along with it, there are several advantages of having CodeIgniter as your primary front-end framework, like reduced server time and strong MVC architecture. The low learning curve, extensive libraries and support for standard coding practices are Top reasons to Choose CodeIgniter for your front-end framework. By 2025, technology experts say that more than 33% of websites will be having CodeIgniter in their front-end technology stack. 

What are the Popular Brand Products Developed with CodeIgniter?

Due to multiple advantages and benefits for businesses, CodeIgniter is now used by Market Leaders across different Industry segments. Accenture, Ola, Buffer are some of the top companies having CodeIgniter in their primary tech stack. All these three companies are from different verticals but the advantages of CI has made it a favourite of the leaders.

Buffer uses the responsiveness and speed of the CodeIgniter for analyzing the social media traffic for tons of its users. Ola is also dealing with huge traffic every day and is completely reliant upon the CodeIgniter Web Framework for a seamless experience for its users. 

Other Top Brands using  Software Development Services depending on CodeIgniter

  • Nissan
  • The Mail and Guardian
  • Casio Computers
  • Freedcamp
  • Bonfire
  • BirdView
  • SocialDog

Most of these brands have a futuristic vision and they always choose the technology that has a great future ahead. For custom software development, CodeIgniter is ahead of its competitors by a long distance. But, Custom requirements are very tricky to understand comprehensively. CodeIgniter is also a modern look at PHP development services enabling IT service-based companies to create products for the future. 

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There are lots and lots of features of CodeIgniter that come to light when you look for it. As a growing business, the first step in deciding your technology stack is to clearly understand the requirements. Consulting with an expert of technology and having experience in working with CodeIgniter is a reliable and good step. Consulting Whiz is a team of tech-savvy professionals with a vision of boosting businesses to become Market Leaders. Being the prominent Software development company in USA, Consulting Whiz has a successful project portfolio of helping the brands leverage the power of CodeIgniter. Discuss your project and understand your requirements with an expert in software and web development Technology. 

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