Why Hiring a Software Developer in the USA is Best From Elsewhere?



As an organization grows, its requirements and systems become more unique and specific. This is the time when a business requires custom software services. Also known as “bespoke software”, these programs are created after extensive research and consultations. In the majority of cases, this is done by experienced and professional custom software services. But unlike in the past, today businesses have a wide range of choices while choosing a development company.

Whether it’s software consulting services in the USA or anywhere else, they all vary on different aspects like cost and service availability. When it comes to making a choice, it’s important to consider different pros and cons while considering the personal requirements of the business. Custom software requires a considerable investment of time and financial resources. The USA has been a location for technical inventions and pioneers of new software. In this blog, we compare the pros and cons of hiring a software development company in the USA with other locations to help you make the right decision. 

What Do the Numbers Say?

The software development market in the US is close to a quarter of the $3.8 trillion global IT market. Making it the single largest IT consumer and producer. Due to this huge requirement, the US has been home to some of the top software development giants in the world. From custom software development to solutions like AI and machine learning, various software solution provider companies in the USA like ConsultingWhiz have been addressing these demands. 

The time taken for the development of custom software in different firms can vary according to the scale and complexity of development. However, a median period is generally around 4 to 5 months. The US as a country has significant exposure to new technological breakthroughs and quality of service. This becomes one of the big reasons to hire software developers from the USA. The rising expenditure on enterprise software worldwide attests to the fact that the future is more tilted towards custom software.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Development Services from the USA

Having a development team in the organization to handle the basic needs of the business is a great approach. However, for complex and important projects it’s important to hire custom software development services from professionals. But does that mean you have to hire the top developers in your company for the job? Absolutely not. You can hire companies that solely focus on creating software solutions.

Top Reasons to Choose Software Developer

A big part of outsourcing decisions is choosing the location of the development company. The US has been a popular destination for outsourcing development services from businesses around the globe. However, before choosing software development services in the USA, it’s important to consider the pros and cons.

The Pros of Hiring Development Services from the USA

  • Advantage Over Competition

The Rate of technology change today is almost lightning fast, making older ways of work obsolete. What’s interesting is that the origins of these new developments are mostly found in the US. The technical advantage is one of the biggest pros of hiring a software development company from the USA. The development companies in the USA are capable of providing services that are still new like blockchain.

  • Specialized Services

A lot of development companies in other countries usually offer generalized services. Further, it becomes quite difficult to find firms that provide the exact specializations required by companies. The software development service providers in the USA are known for their specializations in different fields. Especially when it comes to technologies like AI and Machine Vision, the USA becomes the best choice. This is possible with the highly skilled developers working in the US from around the world.

  • Certainty to Regulations

When it comes to political and economic stability, the USA is always kept on the safe side. This ensures the safety of investments made by firms from around the world. Also, the business-friendly policies in the country make it a suitable spot for businesses to run. With this, a company outsourcing from the US can be free of any worry about a change in the tax structure or instability in foreign exchange value.

  • Adaptive Work Culture

The diverse working population allows the companies to very well adapt to the client requirements. Also having people from different backgrounds help these companies to get better insights into the local demand. This way a company outsourcing from the US can be sure of better synchronization between the development firm and the outsourcing organization. While the experience of working with a diverse range of industries allows the development firms to leverage the new insights. The constant technical innovations provide better efficiency to the project completion speed.

  • Large Talent Pool

The US is home to several prestigious global technical schools which provide an ample supply of skilled technical graduates. While the availability of a large number of technical firms ensures that this workforce is experienced and work-ready. A company outsourcing its development services from the USA  can get the best technical talents working from them. Additionally, the high standards of technical service providers allow only quality companies to provide their services.

The Cons of Hiring Development Services from Elsewhere

  • Lack of Regulatory Stability

Hiring services from a developing country possesses the risk of regulatory instability. Change in economic conditions and political structure can jeopardize the project’s viability. On top of it, the significant changes in foreign exchange rates can also breach the budgetary restrictions of the project.

  • Time Zone Difference

A custom software development company in the USA is the best bet for firms based in Europe and other countries in proximity to the US.  While hiring from a country situated half a world away presents a great barrier in management of the time difference. This can become a problem in the timely completion of projects, especially those with urgent deadlines.

  • Language Barrier

The biggest disadvantage of hiring a development firm from elsewhere is the language barrier. This global penetration of the English language automatically acts as a head start for US-based firms. The difficulty in communicating ideas and concepts can lead to massive loopholes within the project, if not addressed adequately.

  • Lesser Control

The concept of control is an important one, where the client can decide the flow of work. Due to outdated communication and sync mediums, the development firms in other countries leave little room for exercising proper control. Contrary to this, the flexibility and standard procedure for work in the USA provides higher control to the execution of a task for an organisation asking for custom development services.

  • Confidentiality Risk

Outsourcing important projects always has the risk of breach of confidentiality. Very few countries can match the security standards that are followed by the firms in the US. Additionally, the unavailability of strong copyright laws can make it riskier for companies to assign their genuine ideas to firms in other locations.

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One thing is for sure, the large developer base present in the US along with their specializations is hard to find elsewhere. But to hire a software developer in the USA who can fulfill your development requirements, it’s important to look for quality firms with an established track record.

ConsultingWhiz stands among the top development firms in the US providing its services globally. With 13+ years of experience in providing software consulting services in the USA, we have helped businesses to open themselves to new possibilities. Discuss your custom software development needs and queries with our experts.

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