How Software Development Companies are Utilizing Emerging Technologies during COVID-19 lockdown

It is the tough times that bring out the extraordinary measures for a better future.” 

While working from home to sustain typical business operations, companies are trying their best to adapt to the new working norm and the new era of communicating with their clients. The recent crisis of the novel Coronavirus has put the entire world on edge and everybody is stuck at home until the countries can get ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With millions of people being affected every day, the virus has beaten the technologies and medical science currently in place; however, IT companies and software development service providers are staying active to contribute to the community in creating options to enhance ‘Home Offices.’

Talking about software development companies, here is how companies are utilizing emerging technologies during COVID-19 lockdown.

COVID-19 Impact with Challenges & Trends for Software Development Companies

Software Trends for Covid 19

There is no denying that other industries are too getting affected amid lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Information Technology & Software Development is one domain where companies are trying hard to maintain productivity with dispersed teams and business of some clients at halt making their clientele shorter every next day. 

As per the report by Forrester’s IT spending, “Software spending growth will slow to the 2% to 4% range in the best case, and will post no growth in the worst case of a recession.”

Observing the scenario, IT vendors and experts are finding new ways to promote the business and are making an impact with emerging technologies and software development techniques. In such a challenging time, organizations are encouraging the workforce to work from home with as little change as possible. Developers are continuing to provide development services, and critical IT systems, to contribute during this time. 

IT companies are now expected to create corona software solutions to continue in the fight against the virus. Whether you own a big organization or a small start-up, it is necessary to understand the latest trends in the software development industry.  Investigating what will work for the future business growth and support remote communication most effectively will be of the most benefit.

New Age Technologies Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Covid-19 Technology

As industries have started working from home, new-age technologies and their demands are growing due to the need for reliable and fast communication tools, mobile applications, and software to digitally transform businesses. Here are the most popular technologies during COVID-19.

1) Augmented & Virtual Reality

With the help of a VR headset, you can get the feel of walking into a room full of other people and virtual destinations that you planned for 2020 summers. As social distancing has prevented us from travelling and getting out of our homes, VR technology can help business continuity and remote communication, hassle free. For example, if your company needs to showcase a product demo to an overseas client, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality can help you keep your business stay on track. Not only this, VR can help make education better with demo lectures and conferences for students and e-learning programs by companies.

2) Artificial Intelligence

Most of the tech companies have already started seeing the rise in the AI sector during COVID-19. Experts also believe that in the next few months the requirement for AI and Machine Learning will increase by 11% and a number of jobs will be available worldwide to create solutions, which are aligned with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,

Here are the popular areas where AI will be leading the game for companies:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be supporting supply chain management with analytics and market insights like demand guru by LLamashoft which uses ML to identify hidden patterns and make accruate decisions in order to increase the operational efficiency. 
  • New software combined with AI to help healthcare organizations with better diagnosis and treatment along with AI in COVID-19 screening. Buoy is an intelligent symptom checker that uses algorithms to treat illness
  • Telematics and applications for safety management are going to get higher over time as it helps people to remain updated about location and connected with people. 
  • Natural language processing (NLP), predictive analytics and data mining will help in detecting and preventing false news and analyze movements of citizens, including travel history and destinations etc.

ML and AI will also play a significant role in banking and financial services especially for cybersecurity, which is critical due to remote working, and online file sharing around the world. The demand for AI and ML is rising every day.

3) Blockchain

As Blockchain is utilized for transaction and data between relevant parties within a few seconds, countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and India are now looking at the biggest picture. Blockchain does not require any central processing unit, it can be run by individuals and that’s why people are attracted towards it. 

Advantages of Blockchain Include:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Reduced paperwork and costs
  • Increase in security
  • Faster and improved tracing

4) Remote Communication Software Development

With millions working from home, remote communication tools are expected to be the biggest game changer in 2020. Switching to the remote working environment is not easy for most of the organizations as they have not been through a situation where the entire company has been working from home for months. This is when remote working tools like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft team, Google Hangout, and more come to the rescue.

Recently, Zoom came into the news due to its security concerns raised around the world. This made the rise of new remote working software even better, and now, IT companies are getting projects for remote working software.

“Ultimately, almost every company needs a tool like this. I think that based on IDC estimates by 2023 that’s a $43 billion market,” said Eric Yuan, who is the CEO of Zoom App.

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Advantages of Remote Communication Tools:

With the demand rising for a productive remote workforce, employers and managers demand visibility from their teams, even if they are working for their home offices. In today’s scenario where we are all stuck at home, software companies can leverage the demand for remote working solutions which has gone 40% higher since the start of 2020.
Here are some more benefits of remotely working software.

  • Better Productivity & KPI Assessment

For companies, the main concern is to retain the productivity of their staff as if they were in office, which is why monitoring tools can help managers to track performance and KPIs of the employees working from home.

  • Mobile Apps for Easy Access

Mobile app development have become the driving force of people and organizations these days by enabling them to communicate easily, manage work and deadlines and follow the schedule. For bigger organization like Google, Facebook, there are apps and softwares for employees that track their work and make automated reports. This helps in meet the goals amidst such situations.

  • Real-Time Communication Without Disruption

Companies require hassle-free communication while video conferencing with clients and their employees. However, most of the tools available are not as advanced as they need to be in a lockdown situation. This is a great opportunity for software development companies to create tools that help in remote working without any security concerns and provide uninterrupted communication and secure file sharing.

  • Software Development Amid Lockdown

For corporations, small, medium and large, COVID-19 has made the future uncertain. IT firms are struggling with massive drops in project ratios, which is most likely to increase extensive drops in profits. Software companies are delivering projects on time and trying to create better solutions that attract customers to invest in technology solutions.

Programming Languages In Demand for development of such apps

While there are many programming languages to master, here are the most popular ones, with many new opportunities after lockdown: 

1) Swift:

Swift is a popular programming language for building iOS and macOS applications, which has recently been updated with additional vital features like module stability. 

2) Python

Python is swiftly increasing into all varieties of new niches, including data science, artificial intelligence ML etc. There are thousands of projects available for Python developers around the world due to its ease and usability.

3) JavaScript: 

As per the Hacker Rank 2020 Developer Skills Report, JavaScript is among the top languages demanded by software employers. Hence, if you’re looking for mastering the latest programming language, then JavaScript should be in your list.

4) Kotlin:

Since Google called Kotlin the best language for Android development, the popularity of this language has risen higher than ever before. Not only this, but many websites and ranking or analysts’ firms, like RedMonk, have called it the “potential leader of programming languages, and a possible Java replacement in the years to come.”

Mobile & Web Applications During COVID-19

Covid Mobile App Development

While lockdown has made video apps, gaming apps more popular than ever, more number of companies are coming out with new ideas for mobile and web applications. Apart from the healthcare industry and gaming industry, IT companies are gaining benefits from teleconferencing mobile apps and monitoring solutions for remote working companies.

Global downloads of apps such as Tencent Conference, Skype Meet Now, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx and Slack have increased dramatically since January 2020 as the coronavirus outbreak has changed the way organizations work. However, most of the companies are looking for traditional app projects like eCommerce, grocery shopping, and more, but it is observed that Indian companies are moving forward with better technology like VR apps, Artificial Intelligence, COVID-19 tracing apps, and e-learning apps for institutes and schools with the help of remote working. 

Cybersecurity Solutions:

Companies are now working from home amid COVID-19 lockdown with increased security concerns. Emails and links related to COVID-19 information are likely to become the main source of such cyberattacks.  As per the Palo Alto Networks threat team, more than 100000 spiteful domains have been registered in the past one month.

This is when IT companies that provide cybersecurity solutions can utilize the opportunity to initiate better cybersecurity to its clients and governmental departments. Also, manufacturers and companies working online can use a digital secure communication product to identify and eliminate such movements to save their confidential data.

Cloud Call Center & Cloud File Sharing

Cloud Call Center platforms enable your company to manage remote communications over the internet without any security concerns.  Business connection setup, cloud systems, and cloud call centers are much easier to use and give you total control of the plans from a distance.  If you are struggling with postponed projects, connection errors, and issues in day to day project management, then you need to find a software development service provider that helps you with the right cloud solutions. Especially in today’s situation where faster deployments, business continuity, better customer relations, and automatic upgradations are a must to sustain your growth.

It’s been more than two months that the world has adopted the “new normal”. However, remote collaboration has helped software companies to stick to their previous commitments and look forward to better opportunities. From creating a technology development program to contributing to creating mobile apps that trace COVID-19 patients, software companies are doing their bit.

Whether you are a business owner looking for software development services, or an IT organization worrying about which is the most trending technology these days, it is important to understand the demands and find a reliable partner to get started with. Tech marketing, involvement in the business continuity, and choosing the latest trend are the keys to sustaining the growth even while working from home.

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