Top 10 Best Taxi and Ride Sharing Mobile Apps in the US and Globally



The primary goal of taxi services is to make transportation from one place to another easier and more efficient. Utilizing taxi services has become simpler thanks to mobile applications that connect drivers with passengers and help make scheduling trips convenient and affordable.

Providing all essential information, like ride destination,  pick-up location, tracking abilities, and the driver’s details have helped to improve the entire taxi booking process. Additional features such as easy payment options, cancelation options, comfortable rides, e-receipts, and more have contributed to the hassle-free use of the services. A large segment of the population consistently relies on taxi services for transportation and to save money. For instance, in the USA there are approximately 200 million people who are working, and since many of them are from different countries, they are usually skeptical of buying a new car.

In 2021, the variety of options available for taking you from one place to another has continued to grow. Mobile-based taxi applications have experienced considerable success in the past decade as they allow anyone who has a smartphone to order a taxi and enjoy the service. A simple user-interface has enabled these apps to capture a large share of the market for ride-hailing transportation. Here are the top taxi booking apps that have a strong user-base and provide trustworthy services.

1. Uber

Uber is an American-founded ride-hailing app with an estimated 110 million worldwide users. The company is based in San Francisco with Lyft as its main competitor. It is also among the best ride-hailing apps in the USA with a rating of 4.7 on the App Store and 4.0 on the Play Store.

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Uber covers an impressive amount of the road, as the service is available in 785 cities globally. In early 2019, reports indicated that Uber had a 67% market share of taxi service in the USA and is valued between $80 billion to $90 billion. Customers can access Uber on smartphones as well as on their company website. Additionally, Uber’s referral option has helped incentivize current customers to share Uber’s services with others, which has helped to increase app usage among US residents.

2. Lyft

Lyft is a San Francisco-based company founded in June 2012 that has now spread to 644 cities in the United States. The company has earned an impressive rating of 4.9 on the App Store. The mobile application also includes a range of service options for customers, like car rides, scooters, a bicycle-sharing system, and even a food delivery system.

Lyft is recognized as one of the top ride-hailing mobile applications in the USA and is valued between $21 billion to $23 billion. The app provides an all-in-one service for its customers and allows riders to carpool. The payment gateway is conveniently integrated into the app as well, which makes paying for rides faster.  Lyft provides excellent customer support and has a clear user interface that helps the customer book rides easily. Lyft also has a version called Lyft Plus that offers large vehicles to its customers, further fulfilling their various transportation needs.

3. Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi was founded in June 2011 in Brazil. With a vision to make taxi services easy and affordable to everyone, the name itself conveys that the priority focus is to make getting a taxi as simple as possible. 

Easy Taxi is continuing to expand its service. Currently, the ride-hailing application is live in 30+ countries, covering approximately 400 cities around the world with more than 17 million users globally. 

There are 400,000+ drivers connected with Easy Taxi. The drivers are properly trained in communication and committed to providing their customers with the best experience using Easy Taxi. Creating a positive user experience is a critical factor for ride-hailing apps and can increase user retention and boost business.

4. Gett

Gett, previously known as GetTaxi, is an Israeli-based taxi service that connects customers with transportation. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and operates in more than 120 cities across Israel, the U.K, the USA, and Russia. Customers also have the option to either get a taxi or a courier through the app. 

Gett has a different revenue model based on each country. It includes three models: 1.)  Gett charges a per-ride fee from the drivers that are connected with the app, 2.) Gett charges monthly fees from taxi drivers, and 3.) For corporate rides, there is an entirely different fee structure. The app will soon launch a new feature in New York that has the option for customers to carpool with other nearby passengers to save time and money. This feature will introduce more new users to this app since carpooling is an effective way to reduce traffic and save a lot of time traveling. 

People who are working in the same company can use this feature of Gett to reach their offices on time and split the bill equally. Customers can also share ratings and reviews about their user experience with Gett. One key feature that makes Gett unique is that customers can pre-book a ride two weeks ahead of time. This lets customers know that they will be able to plan ahead and reach their destination even if there are no other drivers available at that time.

5. Via

Via is a real-time ridesharing mobile application that is based in New York, USA. It was founded in 2012 by Israeli entrepreneurs and has rideshare services in several different cities, mainly in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Milton Keynes.

Via operations are monitored through ViaVan, which is a joint venture between Via and Mercedes-Benz Vans. Via successfully provides its services to customers in more than 20 countries. The company’s distinct algorithm matches the people who are going in the same direction and gets them together in the same vehicle. An additional feature known as ViaPass lets Via riders unlock discount coupons or active public concessions for their next rides.

6. Bridj

Bridj was founded in 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a private commuter shuttle business that allows customers to use shuttle service between work and home during rush hours. Bridj is the perfect option for busy office workers that need to save time on their daily commutes. The company experienced positive reception, and in 2016, Bridj started delivering goods in Boston by using local buses and storage lockers that were available. The Bridj mobile application was eventually acquired by an Australian company called Transit Systems and began operating in Sydney in 2017.

7. Curb

Curb is also recognized for its popularity alongside other ride-hailing apps in the USA. The app has a rating of over 4.5 on the App Store and 50,000 cabs and 100,000 drivers in its database. The app allows customers to order a taxi using their smartphones and book only trusted, professional, and insured drivers. 

Curb is available in more than 65 cities, including New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston, Las Vegas, and Chicago. The taxis also are equipped with special features like wheelchair accessibility, AC, music, and a baby seat. Customers can easily pay the taxi fare using PayPal or cash and earn free curb rides by sharing their referral code. 

8. inDriver

inDriver is one of the top 5 ride-sharing apps worldwide. The company has expanded its services to more than 31 countries and has taken a space among the top 3 spots in numbers of downloads for this category. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices and it is widely used by drivers and passengers. A unique aspect of the inDriver app is that it works in cities with as few as 10,000 residents. This has helped inDriver to increase its user base to 47 million and earn the trust of drivers globally.

9. MyTaxi

My Taxi Booking App

MyTaxi is claimed to be the world’s first taxi app. Founded in Germany by Niclaus Mewes and Sven Kulper, MyTaxi is recognized as one of the first apps to introduce the concept of connecting the drivers and passengers online. In 2011, the app became available internationally after only offering service to 6 German cities. The company has since built connections with 45,000 taxi drivers and has received over 10 million downloads.

10. zTrip

zTrip has made its presence felt in the rideshare industry by adding features to its app that update family members when you are in a ride. The app also does not have surge pricing and includes the option for customers to schedule a ride for later. zTrip has proven to be a tough competitor for Uber and Lyft in local cities. According to their CEO, their continued mission is to bridge the gap between taxis and transportation companies.

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There are many options for Taxi Apps available in the USA, and our list above  recognizes the best of the best. Every app was built with care and special touches that helped bring something new and useful to the customers. This attention to detail and user needs is what creates a unique identity for apps in the market. 

Developing successful apps like these is no simple task. To build a truly innovative app, you need to hire a custom mobile app development company to facilitate this process. Choose a development company with trusted experience in this domain to ensure that you’ll get the best quality for your investment and app requirements. 

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