Develop a Mobile App like UBER- Advanced Features, Development Phase and Cost

You know Uber, Right? You might have used an Uber like App at least once in your life.

Uber is among the most popular brands making the lives of people easier. Uber is the market leader in the Transportation niche but the story was not the same years back.

The Initial days of the UBER

Uber was among those startups which struggled hard to establish its name in the field of Taxi services. But Uber with its aim to make transportation easier for people also brought an employment opportunity for millions of people.

Uber with its premium services at affordable prices has become the talk of the town in the market sector.

Today, Uber is the market leader in the transportation sector. It is successful because of its reasonable prices. The crucial reason behind the success of apps like uberis the lag-free services that Uber offered. Its demand is rising every other day.

In most of the metro cities because of traffic problems, more and more people are opting for public transport thus the demand for safe, secure and reasonable transportation services is increasing. That’s where Uber comes into action.

At first, after meeting with a lot of Mobile apps consulting to fulfill their requirement of Mobile app development services,Uber decided to start with an IOS app,  it provided regular taxi services which are pocket-friendly and inexpensive. After the success of the basic model for apps like uber , it introduced luxury cab services at a reasonable price.

 The luxury cab services of Uber were first termed as “UBER BLACK.” Uber black was customer’s service-specific. It has a diversified range of customer services which makes it easy for the customer to choose from the variety of services according to their convenience. But Uber with it’s UBER BLACK services were only able to amuse the high-class people.

So Uber comes up with a plan to get the attention of all sections of the society. Similar to that of Uber black, Uber launched UberX which in turn hailed and become the default cab services which people preferred more than any other services as it charged what is right and is less expensive than Uber black. Later succeeding with UberX services, it further introduced the UberPool to enrich the user’s experience.

After expediting every aspect and ways to get up to the expectations of its customers, Uber is now all set to fly high with the UberCopter.

Today making app like uber like businesses are not that difficult as it was back then when Uber launched itself. To build an Uber like app is a great deal but this will surely bring a fortune in heft. So there are many ways to develop app like Uber and many Mobile app development companies through its Mobile app development services have captured the very strategy of it and prospered. But what are the core aspects that made Uber a stellar service app ?

The Important Features of an Uber like app

Uber Customer, Driver, Admin Features

Before planning out to create an Uber-like app, one should know what Uber is made up of. Apps for Uber is made up of 3 applications:

• The admin app
• The driver app for Uber
• The customer app

There are different features of each of the apps mentioned above, and there are 2 feature categories likely to be:

● Most viable features
● Advanced features

Features of the Driver App

Uber Driver Features

1)  Reports of driver delivery: Uber has planned everything systematically. Before starting a business of taxi services one should keep in mind to ensure the safety of the passenger that boards the taxi as well as the safety of the driver. So with the help of the driver app, it reports the safety of the customer along with the driver. And further keeps a note and reports about the way a driver drives throughout a month or a week. It keeps an eye on the driver if he/she drives fast or rash, Uber can take harsh steps to remove the driver. And if he/she does his/her work perfectly and drives with ease then he/she can be promoted and can become a trainer to those who are learning or are new to the rules and regulations of Uber.

2) Optimization of the Route: It helps a driver to ease out a trip with the most efficient way to reach the customer’s destination with the fastest way possible without any hurdles and hassles in the directed time. With the help of the Uber taxi app, the driver can re-route the whole trip and navigation can be fruitfully done with the Route optimization app by Uber.

3) Driver Destinations: With the help of this app, the driver can choose whatever ride he wants to take or leave as per his convenience. This feature enables the driver to earn money and helps you reach the directed destination via the Uber App.

4) A quest to earn more: The Uber App-enabled a feature with which the service provider can earn more from his every extra ride. The quest to earn more money comes with a pre-settled number of rides he has to take to get the bonus or the extra amount for the extra number of rides.

5)  The Cancellation windows: – When the driver reaches the targeted location on time and the customer gets late, so the first few minutes the customers are not charged. But after a while, if the customer takes a lot of time to reach the driver then he/she has to pay extra for the time being late along with the fare of the entire ride.

6) The Heat maps: It is an advanced feature of the Uber app. It is mostly like a sheet or a cheat sheet for the uber-drivers. It is the map view given to the driver to keep in the account of the demand for the services required. It helps the driver to know where the passengers are more or are in bulk so that he/she can move to that location and get a huge number of passengers and earn extra.

7) Forward dispatch service: It is more like a high-tech feature provided by the UBER APP. This feature enables the driver to confirm the rides even before completing the previous ride. This, in turn, helps them to gain some extra bucks.

If you are in these industries you can create an app like uber for your business –

●   Healthcare facilities.

●   All kinds of beauty services and on-demand salons.

●   On-demand mechanics.

●   On demand gas delivery services on time.

●   On demand transportation.

●   On demand food delivery services.

Features for riders and users

Uber app riders and users panel features

1)    Tracking the ride: Uber provides characteristic features to the passengers. It helps them to track their rides just after they booked it. When the passenger enters the pickup and the drop location, the servicer will accept the ride request and within a time span reaches the passenger. With the help of this tracking feature, the passenger can keep a check on the rider with the help of the map attached on the tracker and can see where’s he or she right now and when will he or she reaches him/her. Apps like Uber are valued for money apps and further helps in monitoring the trip perfectly.

2)   Estimation of the Fare: The passengers by themselves can make an estimation of how much they are going to pay for the ride when they enter the pickup and the drop location in the Uber app. Also there are variances; the fare varies from the car you choose for the ride. Also if the passenger faults in between the journey for that the fare is further added in the whole amount payable. It is indeed a strong algorithm and the Uber-like app developers must keep such things in mind.

3)   Multiple modes of payment: To succeed in the taxi-services, Uber provides the passenger with various modes of payments for the rider’s ease and comfort. Because they will choose their mode of payment as per their comfort. Like, online banking, UPI, credit card, debit card and so on and so forth.

4)   Help in tracking service history: Uber has a feature for the ones who book rides on Uber on a daily basis that they can fetch or track their services history. Also the details of the history of the service are available in the form of a viable report. So the app developers must work on the tracking history in the Uber-like app.

5)   Book-Now-Ride-later policy: It’s more like an advance booking feature in the Uber. Where the customer can book his/her rides before and then can ride later or can schedule a later date. And the passenger can get the required details of the driver an hour or 2 before the scheduled ride and then can easily track the driver with no lacuna.

6)   Book-for-others Policy: with the help of this service the customer can book or pre-book a ride for his or her dear and near ones or even his or her colleagues with their own uber account.

7)   Smart wallet: uber itself designed a wallet for its customers so that the passengers can easily pay their fare with any delay. It has a feature, where the passengers can compile their bank accounts with the uber-smart wallet and make the payments with no problems.

8)   Panic buttons: Panic buttons are the features introduced by Uber. It takes care of the safety of the passengers. As when the passenger gets into his/her ride the panic button enables itself in the uber app. So the Uber-like apps should focus of the panic-button feature.

9)   Favourite destinations: it’s more like a feature where when the rider travels to a particular destination every now and then, so he/she can select the destination for once and for all and can choose it using a single tap with the help of the Uber app.

10) Spilt charges: It’s more or like a shared ride. When a passenger is travelling with his/her friends. They can split they can share of fare and pay it individually. But if they have got the mobile wallets the pay gets deducted from the wallet itself with no issues and problems.

How to build an app like Uber?

After the humongous success of Uber, lots of businesses are coming up with a somewhat similar business model. Thus the demand for an app like Uber is increasing drastically in the market. A Mobile app development company providing Mobile app development services can easily prosper in such an ever growing market. Also making apps for Uber like businesses can be a huge chance for these companies and it is the basic economics that based on the demand of the business model there is a rise in demand for the services it has used. Thus a perfectly outlined supply to meet the expanding demand of making apps for Uber like businesses is required. Things you need to keep in mind before going for an app like uber.

1)  Get into the business arena with a mundane as well as a fundamental approach towards what you are trying to formulate. Be clear that you want to build an app similar to uber.

2)  To create an app like Uber, you have to first study how to make an app like Uber for that one has to first develop a sustainable model to gather the demand in an app to provide the services that customers love.

3)  Supply chain management is necessary to meet the demand of the customers via distributive supply chain management format.

4)  A business should first learn to conserve or retain its customers. Uber stands out of the box, and its services are different from other taxi or cab services. Many of the companies adopted ways to create uber apps. So there are many features in apps for Uber  which these businesses are following. But how to make an app like uber? Before jumping directly to it some of the main features of the Uber app that you need to understand.

Development Phase to create an app like Uber

Uber App Development Phase

To develop an Uber like app is more or less like a promise or a commitment to work. One has to stay on the heels always from the very time when one tries to conceptualize the very idea until the release of the beta version of the uber like app. The swift way to build uber like app is to plan things out a little before getting started with the work. One should not work before there’s no time left for planning things out about certain different things. Apps for uber must have all kinds of features, the basic features, the mediocre features as well as advanced features. To make a blend of each of these elements is a challenge along with maintaining the speed and responsiveness. It is a challenge with heavy load of work that comes to you when  you develop app like Uber.

The planning of the feature of uber is most precisely as similar as that of planning or development of the feature to build uber like app.

 Mostly there are three classifications to develop app like uber. The initial version of Uber app consists of many of the most achievable features for all three stakeholders are the admin, the driver and the passenger. And the ones who want to build uber like app must take these features into account.

However, the advanced version of the Uber app has the most advanced technology and features for all the three stakeholders. And this advanced version of the app will be launched soon. And as well as the third version of the app contains all kinds of basic features and classifications like “uber for all stakeholders” and many such advanced features.

Things to be kept in mind to create an app like UBER

If one wants to develop an app like Uber, then one must create the basic and normal version Of uber and study the market and its tactics. One should be per-determined about how to create an app like uber and should know what can be the possible innovative ideas to be included in the app. And if these basic tactics are achieved then one can proceed to the advanced set of features to build app similar to uber.

For an app similar to uber, one has to work on the functions and features of the app. One also needs to have good research before going to develop an app like uber.

The important elements that are required to build app similar to Uber are:

●     User friendly-navigation

●     Proper and smooth UI/UX design

●     Appropriate visuals and precise graphics

●     Real-time functionality of the app.

The best way to plan to develop app like UBER.

1)   The first concern to build an app similar to uber should be the USP. As it is going to help our voices to get heard and free from all sorts of noises around. It’s better to ask yourselves, why you want to create app like uber? Analyse the answer and then proceed. Even ask yourself what sort of difference you’re going to make with the help of your work, and then also proceed with development

2)    The app is going to be more like it resounds with the end users. Also, the app developers should keep this thing in mind that, the app should be user-friendly and the user should not find any sort of glitches while accessing it. So a user-friendly feature is very important while the app’s being developed. So one should outline and release the most viable feature of the app and then further skyrocket your business in all subsequent places.

3)    In the launch of the business, demography is a very important factor or plays an important role in uplifting the business. While planning out, one should keep in mind what demographic area we are targeting. Then promote the app and ask for feedback from every user of the app every now and then. Then work on the improvement as per feedback you got and then bring about changes and innovations accordingly.

Your Revenue model to build uber like app

Revenue model of UBER Taxi

It’s true that Uber does not have any line of cars but it has the drivers working for uber and it’s passengers or customers to make up the revenue.

 Revenue streams for the Uber like app can be:

●    Getting commission from the drivers.

●     Getting the ride fare from the passengers.

●     Compensating cancellation charges from the passengers.

Cost Estimation to Develop app like Uber.

Cost for Taxi app development

●     Influence of features: mainly there are three of the possibilities, which can help to develop app like Uber. Either we can go with most viable features, more advanced features or an impeccable composition of the mediocre and advance features.

●     Influence of operating system: It depends on all upon your audience and their tendencies which help in the selection of the operating system. Uber app android version or the iOS version it totally depends on the customer.

●     Influence technology: It depends upon the app developer to identify the app developing needs. One has to make a sound choice with native as well as hybrid development of apps. And if there are any issues and technicalities you’re facing then one can take help or assistance from the developers.

●     Influence sources: if one doesn’t have a hard-core team of developers and is thinking of outsourcing it to a Mobile app development company, then one has to be very precise with the selection process. One should research well for the Mobile app development services that best suits his/her needs and go for case studies and experience which will help in gathering required information. Finalise and compare the budget of the app development and then give a decision.

Many of the Mobile app development companies have their own variable cost to develop apps like uber.

To present you with some not so exact figures, because it is very tough to get hands-on the exact figures of the cost budget to build an app similar to uber:

●     If there is an app with the very general MP feature and precise UI/UX design, and the estimated price for such development can go up to $7,500 for development.

●     If there’s an admixture of the basic and the advanced feature then the cost may go high up to $20000 to $25000

●     And if the app is well developed with all the advanced features, then the cost can increase up to $50000 to $60000.

The best and smarter way to outsource the Mobile app development services to build Uber like app:

 As many of the models are depended upon the demand of the client and many other models are determined by the Mobile app development company.

Dedicated resources hiring:  one should know the scope of work and neither you are paying for any extra resources before choosing dedicated resource-based hiring.

The set of resources required to develop an Uber like app:

●     UI/UX designer

●     2-4 developers

●     Assured quality engine.

●     A backend developer

●     Manager of the project.

Resources required developing the advanced version of uber:

●     Project or the team manager

●     UI/UX designer

●     3-4 developers

●     Proper quality assurance engine

●     2-3backend developers

●     The admin panel.

Any Mobile app development company claiming that they create an app like uber is not always genuine. And if you are looking to build an app like uber for your business, then you can’t take risks, you need someone experienced enough to do this extremely difficult task easily for you.

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