How to Develop an App like Snap Chat- Features, Functionality and Cost

Social media and social networking has become a very epochal part of our culture and routines. No man is deprived of the world of online communication. There are many apps which have made the human race a social bee which keeps them updated as well as trending.

What’s Snapchat and it’s history

SnapChat Mobile App

So Snapchat is an application and to be more precise, a mobile app which helps people connect with others living in different corners of the world. It helps the people to share their photos, video recordings, snap streaks, and varied range of stories. Like what’s happening around and how’s everything, it’s a display of your personal and professional life via social media. It has a feature which allows the user to put up various filters and captions on pictures, videos, and even allows the user to draw on it. Snapchat has a unique self-security mechanism which helps in self-destructing pictures and videos after viewing it. The snapchat user base has stretched boundaries and demographics. However, it is most popular among the teenagers who are so much attractive and addicted to snapchat or the apps like snap chat for android or iOS, whatever it may be.

As per the teenagers liking, they prefer visual and graphic communication over texting or messaging. Because it’s going out of fashion. And that’s what makes snapchat popular among the teenagers as well as the people.

Since the inception of Snapchat, the app has been through many changes like from being a mediocre messenger and now to a private and perfect messaging space; it’s evolution journey has been quite an interesting one. Back in 2011, it was Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel who started and launched Snapchat, when the online world was taken over by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It was indeed a risky launch as there were already applications which were ruling the online hot trends. So the creators of Snapchat tried something different to stand out of the box, and that’s what they did. They introduced the concept of self-destructive pictures or photos that indeed created a stir in the online world. And in that way snap chat gained popularity. Everyone eyed on snap chat just after its release. After a year or so, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for somewhat $3billion dollars, but the creators of Snapchat turned the offer down, as they introduced one of the hottest apps online. However, in the year 2014 snapchat worth $10billion dollars and later on launched some catchy updates such as geo-fliters and discover

 which in turn was a part of their monetization policy and strategy.

The snapchat App functionality 

The evolution of snapchat from a plain and simple texting and messaging application with some features of texts vanishing out in some 10-20 seconds to a mixed private texting app, including all the public content like branding networks, advertising, sharing of pictures and videos from one corner of the world to another. After it’s evolution the app has soared heights and has introduced many additive and unique features which has made it more or less a star studded application among all age groups. However, it became a media giant with due course of time. As due to its popularity bigger brands wanted to join hands with it and set up examples of collaboration, as snapchat gets more than 10 billion videos views every day as reported by bloomberg in it’s latest publish.

What makes Snapchat one of the top social apps? The Features-

Top Features of SnapChat

The snapchat users have this benefit of creating new stories with their pictures, video recordings what they call it, a snap, and they can even integrate the varied and different stories into an extended version of the pictures and videos. In Snapchat, it has a feature called memories which provides the users with a new way to save the pictures or videos or stories on snapchat.

Snap chat keeps on introducing new and unique features in every regular interval which actually helps it gain the trust of its users. So apps similar to snapchat should keep in mind that regular updates and new features pull a humongous amount of traffic and audiences. Snapchat has also introduced new updates that include the new features of talking photos and videos, additive filters. It also enabled the user to use emojis or stickers in videos and while chatting as well.

However, if a mobile app development company wants to develop an app like snapchat then it should know the snapchat’s social media functionality which includes, Exchange of messages and Public content.

  • Exchange of messages: Snapchat has even made messaging and texting even more glamorous and amazing with providing some additional and unique features. As the users can create snaps or also known as the multimedia chats. As these chats can be anything like photos, videos or even stickers. The photos and videos can be further edited by adding up captions, filters and different effects. It has recently launched an update, the chat 2.0 where a 
  • The user can send audio notes and videos and can make audio and video calls altogether. And it has also levelled up their privacy and launched an update that people can send videos and photos privately to their selected contacts or put up in the stories and make visible to the ones those were supposed to see the stories. However these private messages and stories are self-destructive and the messages get destroyed after some time automatically. This app also provides the location sharing feature. Once you share your address in the chats it automatically links and gets displayed in the maps may it be apple maps or google maps.
  •   Android vs iOS development in Snapchat Now we are going to put some lights on how snapchat works in Android and iOS. 
  • Firstly whenever the user sends a text message then the message is right away uploaded to the server of snapchat. 
  • After the message is uploaded in the server the user or the snapchatter gets a push notification regarding any new text message ,snap, videos and calls etc. And these new snaps are being downloaded temporarily in a temporary location in the snapchatter’s phone. 
  • Once the snap is being opened by the user so right after opening it , snapchats starts deleting those temporary snaps and texts that were being copied from the phone and further the app server gets a alert notification 
  • And lastly the text is  being destroyed from the app’s server. And it also had an unique setting that if the user does not view the message or text for the upcoming 30 days then snapchat starts deleting the messages automatically.
  • Stickers:- when we talk about modernisation of an application that’s when stickers come into play. Stickers are an inescapable part of the modern online world. However snapchat has around 200-300 stickers inbuilt in the app itself and even the user can design and create their own stickers for more fun 
  • Location sharing-  The users can share their location over snapchat without any lag  to other users.
  • Adding friends-  Adding up friends over your social media account is the main motive of the online applications or the social media app. Unlike other applications snapchat provides smart ways to add friends by using the snapcode, the user name , phone contacts. Snapchat also uses your current location so that it can scan all those users who are nearby you and are open for an addition.
  • Video and audio calls– It’s completely an updated and new feature of snapchat. The app users can chat with their friends over video calls and audio calls. And that’s how snapchat is competing against all the online social media giants like facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.
  • Geofilters – It is a demographic overlay and an unique feature snapchat and this feature is available when the snapchat user is particularly available at the required geographical area. For example – Any destination event , any city .
  • Lenses or filters- This feature is the most amazing and unique feature offered by snapchat.It also help the snapchat user to edit videos and pictures with help of face detecting technology and it also help in the addition if the real time effects 
  • Stories and discover- The stories on snapchat help the user to display or broadcast their lives through pictures, snaps and videos to their friends and family .All the stories last for 24 hours and get deleted automatically due to it’s self-destructive nature. And the stories feature got and a new functionality that is live stories. “Discover” is a new way of exploring the snapchat stories from varied kinds of content teams.
  • Attractive language– If you want to develop apps similar to snapchat one has to keep in mind that the lingo matters a lot. As people on snapchat use an entirely different kind of lingo or language to name or rename certain things or differentiate things. So if you want to make an app like snapchat one have to work on the language part of the application and make it more diverse, unique and attractive. So this will help to avoid all kind of curiosity and confusion regarding your application

So there are various reasons which make snap chat a hot online app and how it goes along with the new trends and language of the new world.

  1. Just like Snapchat, develop a feature like the “snap” or something as unique as it. A snap basically can be a picture or a video shot on Snapchat which you send to your friends and family.
  2. The stories on snap chat are self-destructive and will remain there on your snap chat feed for the next 24hours. So to develop an app like snap chat one should keep it in mind that set unique algorithms and bulk of new trends will help you get through this and develop apps similar to Snapchat.
  3. As Snapchat is an online source where people connect. So the ones who use snap chat are basically known as the snapchatters. So to grab the audiences towards your application one should work on their mobile app development services, like how unique the application language can be and how much crowd it can pull with its design and lingo.

Various steps to Make apps similar to snapchat

Development Phase of SnapChat

Those various steps will give all the new and core ideas about how to develop an app like snapchat. So let’s go and get an idea of how much does mobile development cost and how to develop apps like snapchat for Android.

  1. The inception Phase or the discovery:-  so to develop apps similar to snapchat the main aim of a mobile app development company should be to find out the practical and working prerequisites and non-working prerequisites for the future planning, which in turn helps in the budget planning of the required mobile app development services and how to develop an app like snapchat and other business requirements.
  2. Proper documentation:- Proper documentation helps a mobile app development company to work as per the documentation to skip hindrances in-between. While documentation all the business managers and analysts prepare the documents and work on the project’s base and core which exactly explains how the app of that particular mobile app development company will perform and what mobile app development services will it provide to keep their apps updated properly. And this, in turn, helps a mobile app development company to make apps similar to snapchat.
  3. Prototyping:- Prototyping helps the mobile app development company or the team to develop prototypes of the application that is yet to be made. And, it also makes the prototype of the app scenes and the user journey scenes and this in turn helps in the development of the apps similar to snapchat and further improvement of mobile app development services.
  4. UI/UX Design:-  It is Entirely based on the prototype of the to be developed by the mobile app development company and the design team of the mobile app works on hard and develops the design of the app. So the mobile app company should keep this in mind before developing apps similar to Snapchat.
  5. Development:-  once the Mobile app development company gets done with the design of the app, all they do is precisely integrate and combine the required features in the apps similar to snapchat.
  6. QA:- The quality confirmation team of the mobile app development company makes sure that the app like snapchat is free from all kinds of hindrance and bugs. As it provides all kinds of Mobile app development services which help in testing the application without any lags.
  7. Deployment:- after the apps similar to snapchat are ready to be launched, the team helps to deploy it perfectly into the workspace without any issues or problems.

How snapchat makes money!

Earn by SnapChat

Snapchat is a gigantic mobile application company and it has innumerable sources to generate it’s money and revenue without fail. So let’s look into its planning and preparation more closely.

  1. Advertisements in between the snaps:- To do one’s branding and marketing advertisement is the best way of promotion of an application like snapchat. And snapchat does it’s promotion by showing 10seconds longer promotion videos. And the snapchatter can even surf more such contents like different blogs, different application installations and even longer videos. That’s how snapchat makes money through advertising.
  2. Incorporating branded Geofilters:- as per the gelocations a snapchat user can get his or her hands on the perfectly improved filters or the reality filters that stay up or are made available for a month or more than just 30 days.
  3. Sponsored Lenses:- Snapchat has its own customised lenses to advertise in certain locations as per the schedule. It is the most prevalent type of advertising which helps the mobile app development company to gather a good amount of traffic and audience for the promotion of the apps similar to snapchat. 
  4. The Discover:- Snapchat has unique promotion sections which is called a discover section which helps the mobile app development company to put up promotional content on the online Discover-section. As it costs near about $0.15 per seen on snapchat live. So if you want to carve your name in the hall of fame you got to do things the way snapchat does. And once an app like snapchat has gained grounds then big names like the People and CNN will collaborate with it and add feathers to your application’s fame just like snapchat. And this will help your apps similar to snapchat make a lot of money in the online market.
  5. Sports Partnership:- To gain a name like snapchat one has to have a mind map how things will work out once the app starts getting the desired amount audience one can collaborative with sports organizations like adidas and nike so that this will help the bigger brands in the advertisement of their goods and services in front of their sports fans. So the mobile app development company should fix charges which will help to  enhance the base and status of the company and mobile app development services. 
  6. In-app Purchases:- To develop an app like snapchat , the company should provide additional features so that the user can purchase the add on features. For instance in snapchat, the company provides extra features such as replay of the feeds such as the picture or a video that the customer or the user has already gone through.
  7. Premium access: Snapchat offers premium lenses and the new and enticing snapchat features to the user to enhance their experience on snapchat. So that’s how to make snapchat even popular among the teens as well as the adults. So if you want to enhance your mobile app development services, one should adopt the techniques followed by snapchat and improve their app game online.

How much does it cost for snapchat development?

SnapChat App Cost Estimation

Snapchat is one of the most popular and coveted online application among the youth as well as the adults .It is an enormous social media platform which help the applications user get their hands on various updated features and tools for editing their snaps , video and pictures as per the view of users are concerned the different masks and lifters are the most favorite features among the users.

If you want to know how to make apps like snapchat one should keep the above-mentioned things in mind and according to that only a mobile app development company should provide all the required mobile app development services so that your apps similar to snapchat will be successful and will work efficiently in all aspects. And with help of different monetization processes, a mobile app development company can actually make their apps earn gains and profits like snapchat does.

How to Build An App Like WeChat?

As the application, Snapchat has many combined and glamorous features garnering it. So it becomes quite tough to do an exact estimation of how much Snapchat costs. And if you want to know then you should get through those point so that you’ll get an idea about how much does snapchat cost and how to make app like snapchat

There are three factors that actually determine the making of apps similar to snapchat and these factors have an heavy impact on the duration of the app development project and total budget of the developing an app like snapchat.

  1. The Project scope:- It entirely depends on the mobile app development company to choose which features to incorporate and which feature to discard from the mobile application so it is not a compulsion to add all the snapchat features in an app like snapchat. So after implementing the desirable features then only a mobile app company can keep a track and estimate of how much the app is going to cost and how much time is going to take to get fully developed.
  2. Timing of the project:- The timing of the project or the development of an app like snapchat it totally depends on the number of application developers involved and carrying out the development process
  3. Budget- Time and material budgeting is important for small scale projects and dedicated team modeling is very much essential for a company’s long term benefits as well as projects.

So if we look into insights 

->the wireframing of app like snapchat cost around $700 to $7000

->the UI/UX design of the app cost approximately $700 to $10,500

->the registration can cost up to $6250

->push notifications cost around $2000

->video and photo customising will cost approximately $3,400

-> the audio and video calls can cost up to $9,000 to $11,000

If we roughly take the sum of the whole cost it to develop an app like snapchat will come around $70,000. However the cost may vary depending on which feature you decide to keep in your app.

But since you are investing such a huge amount of your hard earned money and giving so much hours than you deserve the best app. And for developing the best app you need the best mobile app development company.

One of the biggest reasons behind snapchats popularity and success was its Innovate ideas and we at ConsultingWhiz with 10+ years of experience have many innovative heads which will provide you what you exactly need. We always keep in mind the specifications and customisations you need. We always work in the direction which is the most beneficial for you.

We know what attracts the audience that’s why we work with sheer sincerity towards design as well as app development and that also in an affordable manner.

Amid such tough competition in apps if you want to excel your need with an expert team, then ConsultingWhiz is the one stop solution for mobile app development.

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