How to Make a Messaging Mobile App like WeChat – Features and Technology

With everything from getting your song played to even doing  routine work, humans are dependent on the Ai technology, which also has proven it’s worth to trust. Better accuracy in performing any assigned task, it is evident soon normal calling would be replaced by the Mobile App’s and their Ai’s to serve what WeChat application or any chat Mobile App development company is targeting. It is genuinely believed it is for the betterment, providing a far better connectivity, ease in the reach to your loved ones, better visual quality experience when having a chat over tea on video call. All this, comes at an unmatchable price which is ‘null’, so definitely owing all it is a worth a heap and buzzing the world is making. Definitely, young entrepreneurs have open doors to enter into this potential revenue generating idea and to demolish a just year installed whatsapp or WeChat by their product.

What is the WeChat App?

WeChat Mobile Application

WeChat is the most popular messaging app within China, records over 1 Billion messages sent in every count of 30 days. Custom Mobile App Development Company Tenant was behind the making of WeChat application. 

Initially started as a Message sharing platform, it quickly converted to the Biggest mobile calling app but the giant app like WeChat didn’t stop there. It reached greater heights by providing several mobile app development services such as WeChat Payment, WeChat Stores, WeChat calling nearby WeChat users and many other exciting features.  

Let’s dig into the “success story” of WeChat application, to have a better incites that how it sustains these whole services, how it built up its brand and an iconic branded app like WeChat to we know it today

Started with small – a small chat service company app they started with initial download was even lesser than 2 MB. This actually incited the audience to download and to try that. By later, they did give frequent updates and came up with newer features that just blew their competitors. 

Absolutely free – To access all the basic promised features, they didn’t even demand a penny from their users. This made them successful in developing a loyal fan base. 

Games and WeChat Pay – This chat has completely blown those apps similar to WeChat. When companies were struggling simply to serve the basic features, they came up with such exciting freebies which viewers can’t deny. Also, with the advent of UPI, instead of customers hopping between the apps, WeChat application introduces a built in UPI system which created an entirely different level of customer experience and the proportion of people using WeChat just skyrocketed.  

We Chat Mini Program – This innovation has just devastated the ecosystem of local business especially in China. With a huge customer base of over 1 Billion, 2017 Tenant, a custom mobile app development company showed the world they are capable of achieving that no one did before. They offered their customers to become a seller of their product and earn real revenue from it.

Socialize Yourself – Where an app similar to WeChat restricted to only your contacts, WeChat with ideas like connect with WeChat application users nearby. This has created a rage among those like me who always wanted to know his locality better. The more you think about your customers, the more the customers fall in Love with your app. This is what a 2cm*2cm mobile app like WeChat did. 

Problems in developing an App like WeChat

WeChat App Development

Now you might be wondering, ‘Ok! I got the incentives of the business,  now want to know what skills it requires to create WeChat on my own?’

Sure, it is a pretty easy process to develop an app similar to What’s App or WeChat, you would be requiring only

  • Backend infrastructure to handle traffic and functions. A team dedicated to your app UX/UI and branding.
  • Front end for users to interact with Apps on Android, IOS or web interface

To create a WeChat alike large ecosystem requires its own hardships and testing times. Sure, Chat services apps like WeChat have the potential to be a game changer. But, before you dive into thinking as a pool, actually a whole ocean you have to conquer. 

There are some problems that you need to solve when building an app like WeChat

Time if you are founding a USA mobile app development company from scratch, the chat service apps have tons of lines of code for you to write. Especially if you want to enter into the market where giant applications Like Viberr, WeChat applications are there. Along with, you need to market your fresh mobile application  development service which as a whole takes time to earn a public recognition like the app similar to WeChat.

MoneyEverything comes with a price, even if you are a fantastic coder, you need to hire a developer and a whole marketing crew whom you need in-making and selling your mobile app consulting service to your niche audience which requires the investment.

Quality –  Chat app goes through many rounds of testing to ensure it’s behaviour remains seamless as apps like WeChat. This whole testing process takes expertise, time and shells out a ton of money from you. This is where, Quality of your app builds, this whole process is very vital for your mobile app development service and will set you apart from other chatbot service providers. 

Features Modern Chat App Similar to WeChat offers

Features of WeChat App

The main reason which helped an app like Wechat to gain this much popularity is its features. Impeccable features bring out impeccable returns. So while building an app like Wechat you should include these features in your app-

Video Chats – almost all the popular apps similar to WeChat, WhatsApp offers free Quality Video calling facility. Even with the bigger brands in the market like Google Duo, this feature has become more a compulsion than a luxury for you as a mobile development company to provide. Else, it is quite unlikely, customers will ever download your app.

Multimedia Compatibility – app should be compatible with sharing and storing videos, photos and gifs. Also, with people expressing more via GiFs and stickers, if you create an app like Whatsapp or Viberr or WeChat, you need to make sure your app is compatible like they are. 

End to End Encryption (E2EE) – Before you create an app like WhatsApp, you must ensure to provide an end to end encryption tunnel throughout your platform. This is an inevitable need, with people now aware about the internet hacks and more sensitive towards data and privacy. Even if, once your application server got hacked and forgot customer loyalty, you may find yourself behind the law suits.

Deleting the sent messages – A mobile app consulting company, you need to cater what your audience wants, even to rectify the bents which were created by them alone. Along with having a seamless data management system, your app should offer deleting the recently sent messages feature, such it also didn’t get stored in the database. 

Cloud Storage service – With a lot of services and exchange of data to go around, apps like WeChat, you should have completely secure cloud storage services Like Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Active Monitoring – With a lot of explicit data transfers around, no doubt crowds may use it to spread their propaganda and can prove to be a cause behind a massive rebel. Many times, Whatsapp or WeChat applications have to face legal courtrooms on these matters. You enter into this business, you’ll be treated no differently. 

Glossary: All Tech required to create WeChat at a glance

Technology for WeChat Development

Making an app is not an easy task, the apps like whatsapp use intensive        technologies. The more high-end technology you use the more your app is user-friendly.

ERLANG – it’s a strong artificial language that supports concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance. it’s the language that is employed by WhatsApp and WeChat applications to develop. This high artificial language is way appreciated for its speed, performance and quantifiability. By this language you’ll be able to method giant volumes of messages inside seconds. 

Ejabberd server – It is an open source server which uses the ERLANG programming language and can run under several OS. Using Ejabberd language offers great compatibility when sending texts/having a chat over a platform. It works well when you are just having a chat with a close friend or a whole group planning a trip. 

XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) – ensures network security and is used to transfer messages on real time over the internet. 

Amazon Simple Storage Service S3 – Multimedia Storage including high security. Amazon S3 provides a secure, scalable, sturdy cloud-storage for knowledge objects.

Cassandra – it is an app service which gives a seamless chat experience to the users over your created mobile application. 

PHP extension – to run php as an Erlang node, it is an open source extension that gives reliability and better performance to the app developed. 

YAWS (Yet another web server) – It is a web server used to store the multimedia files. It is a web server that runs along with the main server Ejaberd, and performs all the concurrent operations such as giving a seamless experience to the customer even when a large number of users are using an app like WeChat.

Mnesia DB– It is a real time database with shorter message cycles, written in ERLANG language and it makes use of message-oriented middleware based on XML. By Mnesia we are able to store photos, videos or music we share on the app like WeChat

FreeBSD – a Unix like operating system focuses on features, speed, and stability. It is the operating system of FreeBSD which has made it possible to transfer over a billion messages a month yet so easy, can be monitored by a mobile app consulting company.  

SDK (Software development Kit) – it is a free open source Chat service for Apps that comes under the MIT License. This means that anyone can use it, download it then modify it and can upload it on the Google App store. There are also paid versions who provide chat services like Pubnub, QuickBlox, Layer.  

WebRTC – it is a feature that gives you support for your tailor-made app similar to Wechat like facility of making instant calls and seamless texting experience to your customers. Adding to its benefits, it gives a secured tunnel every-time when a call is made from your app.

Hosting servicesFor your business, a synchronization between chat app and servers are necessary to establish. You can have either a Self-hosting service or can rent a service on SaaS (Software as a service) subscription. Many of the big names in the tech industry like Salesforce or Amazon Web services do provide quality hosting as a part of their android mobile app development service.  The problem with outsourcing the hosting services, you won’t get the access to complete source code or you may not get license to modify it. This reduces the functionality of your application or an organization as a whole to function more like an independent body who creates an app like WhatsApp to more a dependent and client-based organization to these giants.

How much does it cost to make an app?

Third Party Services

As a young dynamic bourgeois, your biggest quality when your staff is slow. A lot of the time you invest in innovation, the higher the merchandise you’ll add into the market and a lot of progressive is the probabilities of you turning into subsequent Allen Zhang, United Nations agency created WeChat.

Definitely, once employment is simply too high and things demand from you a vigorous answer, the simplest bet is to source the full long work/segment to 3rd party services. they’ll be quite happy in finding your daily bugs expeditiously.

There area unit some third-party organizations United Nations agency provide Hosting services to your platform however work nearly parallel as if it’s Self-Hosted. Contus Mirrorfly is a corporation that stands out. It offers you all the ASCII text file files and adding to that, a whole access to that and no copy-infringement what-so-ever. it’s like Ghost net services they supply, simply operating in between however never demands for a dime of management over the code. Mirrorfly is additionally behind, in creating the success of apps like WeChat, Whatsapp and Viberr. These third-party services additionally supply a spread of add-on services like Social Media promoting, Advertising, Paid Stickers, on-line payment feature and a lot of at the best of the market costs you’ll expect. These services not solely empower your dream app however additionally would monetise at a higher scale that might flip your app just like WeChat into an all-out revenue generating machine like them.

$46.7 Billion Business model of WeChat, Mobile development company

WeChat Business Model

Launched in 2011, WeChat became the must have app especially in China and South Asian countries. Having over 1 Billion of users with 900 Million daily users. If we closely look down in time, it has its own competitors that were providing service by launching their mobile app like WeChat, but WeChat did which eventually clean swiped not only the Asian players but also the bigger guns, like America’s mobile app development company like WhatsApp. 

Let’s dig in and see what difference you also need to have in building an epitome mobile application like WeChat.

Launch Year – was launched in 2011, exactly the year where the sales of Smartphone hiked and crushed all it’s past sales figures. It was perfect timing, as fresh viewers always wanted to know more about the power of the newly equipped gadget, WeChat provided them exactly to pass their time. 

Clean Interface – Unlike other buggy China apps, WeChat invested heavily on the UI/UX in building their app. This is a very important thing to consider when you think about the customer in your app development service, it will pay you back every-time you ask for it!

Free games – if texting service was the only feature, it would be impossible for WeChat to have 800 Million users even in 2015. To build traction, they introduced free games in their ecosystem. This just blew the numbers of downloads and turned them into a unicorn android  app development company.  

All in one –   this was the trump card, they released in 2017. This has just turned a mobile application development service provider to a brand who created WeChat. Do you need to buy health care products? no need to switch, feeling bored? no need to switch, forgot your wallet? No need to switch, make a call? You know where to make.. All these questions have the same answer. App having such a massive bandwidth of services, all you can do without even thinking which app to select, just created a massive rage of retentivity among the users. Hence, their business became all set to earn what was shelling so long. 

How WeChat Generates Revenue?

WeChat Market Revenue

Display Advertisement – WeChat has taken advantage of the network effect as it now consists of a traffic of over 1 Billion users. Each time it shows an add, it earns a commission fee. To understand the nature of Ads to show up, they carefully watch the movements of their user. Though, furthermore, WeChat has the potential and crowd to beat Facebook and Google Advertisement in its own game. 

We Chat Mini Program – turning social media into business for the customers, they’ve used the reverse Psychology. This made the customers turn into business men to use WeChat intensively and also made their reach with the customers too many-folds. As said earlier, you think about customers, Customers will love your services in return. They augmented that no other mobile app similar to WeChat provides business opportunity to the customers in spite of having a competitive network. 

They create a WeChat Mini program, by which this customer can set up a shop on WeChat, attract 1 Billion consumers and sell to the products across the globe. For this you need no past knowledge around coding nor making a heavy investment on developing that one. Also, We Chat, custom mobile development company USA, is an ardent observer. In China, many people do not bring a wallet out, they don’t use credit cards and cash, hence they can use the WeChat app to pay almost everything online.

What’s icing on the cake, it turned a major revenue earner for them. For every transaction you make on WeChat, they charge a very small commission fee from the Mini Shop owner.

Subscription Account –   By this feature, WeChat was no longer a mobile development service provider for its customers. Who, just binge to it for socializing or pay out daily bills. Now, customers can earn by simply using WeChat and for this they don’t even have to open a shop for that, users no matter a celeb or a localite like you, post content on WeChat and with the amount of traction post received, WeChat offers them a handsome amount as reward. This creates WeChat, bilateral benefit maintaining an engaged crowd and by this their Ad services would flourish. No such app like WeChat, made such an ecosystem. The closest one is Instagram but that is too far from what WeChat looks like.

WeChat Games – WeChat when connected with a lot of games which are produced by Tencent at the very first, generated 100 million revenue a month in China. Also, I’m damm! sure you have played their games – Temple run! remember and that Planets Vs Zombies, oh! That was worth playing. As a smart business company, they offered more games to keep the users engaged but smart because instead of going into the tendency to create WeChat games, they outsourced from other companies on the open platform, and sharing revenue with the developers.

Wrapping up 

The messaging app market confirms ceaseless progression, and there’s still a chance to build a WeChat-like app that will get a satisfactory market share. Messaging apps are the future of modern communication. As discussed earlier, building an app like wechat is not an easy task but we are there for you always. ConsultingWhiz uses the latest technologies to help you develop an unbeatable and top-notch application because of which we are considered as the top mobile app development company USA.

If you’re looking into opportunities and hunting for information about how to develop an app for the WeChat platform, get in touch. Our team of experts and specialists strive to fulfil your requirements. For developing an android app like Wechat – we are the one stop solution! 

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