How to Develop a Online Streaming App like Netflix- Key Features, Development Cost and Planning



Before the breakthrough of online video streaming, people used to browse through shelves of DVDs or scroll TV channels, actively searching for any content to watch next and where to access it. With fewer home viewing options and a smaller digital content range, consumers were limited to what was available rather than what suited their own entertainment tastes. One of the advantages that our new technology age has provided consumers with is the development of online streaming apps. Apps like these allow a user to stream digital content that matches their current mood and access it on their preferred devices for Android or iOS. Netflix is a prime example of a company that modernized video streaming android apps or IOS apps to better match customer expectations in the digital era.

The Netflix app for iPhone has transformed the modern video streaming initiative. Netflix originally operated as a DVD-by-mail service company in the year 1997. However, as both time and technology progressed, Netflix grew bigger and updated its service offerings. The company alone boasts 118 million subscribers and 57% of international viewership, largely due to its impressive content variety and reasonable monthly subscription price. These aspects of the Netflix app have made it successful across multiple verticals, especially among the younger crowd of streamers.

About Netflix and its Popularity

Netflix Popularity

As mentioned, a prime example of an online streaming app is Netflix. The company was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997. Netflix came into the limelight in 1998 when it launched its first webpage, and thereafter the entire payment setup of the app changed from a pay-per-rent model to a fixed monthly charge for the subscription service. Netflix’s company vision evolved from revamping DVD rentals to delivering superior online streaming without any faults or glitches. In the year 2007, Netflix launched its much-anticipated video streaming services.

Netflix creates and produces a robust number of original series, movies, and assorted content, which is what makes this company a market leader and innovator for streaming services online. The revenue of the Netflix app amounted to over $17.63 billion dollars in 2019, an impressive accomplishment that speaks volumes to Netflix’s success compared to competitors.

The popularity of this online streaming app has surpassed the company’s original expectations, attracting 60 million paid subscribers in the US  and an estimated total of 23 million downloads for the Netflix app. It doesn’t matter which country takes the top spot for the highest number of Netflix subscribers, but rather that the content continues to attract more subscribers than competing platforms.

Netflix’s main competitors include Amazon Prime Video, Hulu,  HBO Max, and Disney+. However, having entertaining content available to stream is only one component of Netflix’s service model. In order to stay ahead of the competition, the Netflix app must continuously provide high-quality mobile streaming access for users who want to watch movies and TV shows on-the-go. We’ve analyzed the ways that Netflix optimizes its app for success and how to build an app that competes at their level of quality and service. 

Key Features that You Must Include in Your Video Streaming App

Top Features of Netflix App Development
  1. The subscriber should get a free trial for a given period of time to enjoy temporary free content and familiarize themselves with your app.
  2. After the user has purchased the subscription, then he/she should get complete access to content, entertainment, and online video streaming from their online streaming app subscription. 
  3. The video streaming app should work on distinct platforms, whether it is on the web, smart TVs, desktops or laptops.
  4. The seamless functioning of all features, such as user management, the subscriber’s profile management, and in-app purchases  should be taken care of.
  5. An app like Netflix must have strict performance and scalability bars. Netflix stands at 15% of the international downstream internet traffic, so to deal with varying levels of traffic, the app has to be performant and scalable enough to compete with other video streaming apps. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Making an App like Netflix

Netflix App Development Cost

The cost of creating a video streaming app like Netflix depends on several different factors, such as:

  1. App Features: Price can depend on the number of features that are to be added in your online streaming app which may increase or decrease the total cost.
  2. App Platform: The softwares and technologies used for developing the Netflix like app and the maintenance and operation of the technologies affect the cost of developing mobile application.
  3. Location of development company: If the application is developed by an in-house firm or company, then there are likely to be costs tied to the recruitment of the developers, the cost of training, and additional development charges by the entire app development team.  The company developing a Netflix like app usually outsources the application development process to allow them to concentrate on their idea. When outsourced, the particular location of the Netflix like app development company affects the cost as it is determined by the cost of living in that particular area.

Planning and Strategy for Making an App like Netflix

To create an online streaming app, the first step is to select a skilled mobile app development company to build an app like Netflix and launch an optimized and precise app that offers similar Netflix app features. Let’s take a closer look at what the most important aspects of building an app like Netflix are. 

Develop Video Streaming App Like Netflix

1. Strategize

Hire experts from a mobile app development company that will help strategize the methods for developing specific features for your app like Netflix. The company will further provide assistance in planning how to market your app more efficiently. Additionally, the development company will assist in the optimization of the app store, or App Store Optimization (ASO), and provide you with important advice on how to develop an efficient and effective strategy to launch your online video streaming app like Netflix.

2. Determination of the project scope

Making your app readily available for the public is a critical step in the development process, so it’s better to use an Agile SDLC model and begin with the MVP (minimum viable product).  

Do you believe that receiving feedback will be the best method for creating a product? In terms of the application feedback, you will be able to evaluate ways to introduce alterations and enhance the online streaming app. 

There are also certain platforms you can target while launching apps:

  • The Worldwide Web
  • Android or iOS phones

And if all of the above are successful, then it’s best to expand the app’s reach and launch the application for smart TV compatibility as well.

3. Build a team of Experts

Hiring Experts from a trusted Mobile app development company will lead to better management of deadlines and resources. The right team should consist of:

  • Software Architects
  • UI/UX designers
  • A league of Web developers
  • Business Analysts
  • Android Developers
  • iOS developers
  • Testers
  • And a Project Manager, who will oversee them all

After selecting a team of experts, the next step is to bring in a “Scrum Team” to work on the application. A Scrum development team plays an integral part in the development of an app like Netflix. This team consists of designers, testers, and developers who will be working together to bring about the complete result. 

4. Selection of the appropriate software architectural structure

An online video streaming app like Netflix will surely appeal to a wide range of potential subscribers, causing online traffic. To manage this, you should choose a suitable software architecture sequence to avoid any interruptions that may come when visitors are at a peak. Microservices or any other software might help you,  its advantages include:

  • It is easy to maintain
  • Microservices architecture makes it possible for an in-demand app like Netflix to provide varied and distinct services such as management of the account, subscription, online video streaming and more
  • It further assists in both the deployment of varied services and the management of these services
  • It optimizes and prioritizes resources for individual services

5. Signing up for Cloud streaming services

Cloud streaming helps in accelerating the app development process. It is important to choose the best cloud streaming software for your app. The right service provides:

  • No upfront investments and you get a perfectly organized solution for your app like Netflix
  • It provides a positive experience due to its ultra-low latency
  • A cloud streaming software like Wowza streaming cloud has a GoCoder SDK which provides numerous solutions with the cloud streaming process. The developer for mobile app development will find it easy to execute all the video streaming features in your app like Netflix
  • The SDK also supports the development for both Android and iOS

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6. Usage of the subscription management solutions

Ask your app developers to suggest APIs from the best subscription management providers to help in the development of your Netflix like app. Doing this will recoup time since they won’t need to code the subscription management function from the very beginning or from scratch. APIs provide advantages like:

  • Management of subscription
  • Subscription metric
  • Recurring bill
  • Recurring payments
  • Security features
  • Extensive API documentation

7. Designing the mobile App UI

 To design a user receptive UI, focus on these major aspects:

  • The mobile Navigation Menu
  •  The appropriate color scheme of the application
  •  The best Icon Designs to attract the eye

8. Development and testing of The Android and iOS app

For the development of Android apps, use the Android studio or any other software for app testing. This helps in coding the app with modern Kotlin programming language as the programmers and developers remove all the errors.

For the development of the iOS apps, Use the Xcode, an iOS IDE. The developers need to code less while testing or developing iOS apps, so Swift will be a better option because it helps in writing fewer lines of code and creating more performant apps.

9. Publishing the mobile app in app stores

Once the development and testing of the online streaming app are done, the publishing of the app can take place in respective apps stores, like the Google Play Store, the iOS App Store for Apple, or any smart TV platforms as well.

10. Management of the Project with eminent PM tools

Consider using any of the effective PM tools for appropriate management of the app development project.

Hire ConsultingWhiz as your online video streaming app development company

If you want your Netflix like app to be user-friendly and free from errors, then hire ConsultingWhiz for online video streaming app development to ensure an excellent development experience.

  1. Flexible Engagement Models:  ConsultingWhiz is a goal-driven company that will provide you with suggestive measures and help you in developing a proper online video streaming framework for your app like Netflix. We also provide cost-effective and engaging models that are completely results-oriented.
  2. Full Stack Development Capability: ConsultingWhiz is an online video streaming app development company with experts who focus entirely on the customer’s requirements. We allow our customers to set the project requirements and even contribute their input to the website design, testing, and coding, and help with embedding other Netflix like features in the app.
  3. Complete Testing and Checking:  To keep up with the current and predicted technology trends, the team at ConsultingWhiz looks after the precise testing of a customer’s Netflix like app.
  4. Proper Support and Maintenance:  The experts and developers at ConsultingWhiz make sure that the applications are up-to-date and have the latest version and new features. We provide a level of support and maintenance service to the app.
  5. Level of Transparency: ConsultingWhiz is a trustworthy company. We remain transparent with our customers regarding the work completed and the work-in-progress. 

So, if you are looking to develop an application like Netflix, contact ConsultingWhiz, Customized Mobile App Development Company.  We will assist you in every step of the process and develop an online video streaming app that integrates precision with technology to enable your vision to succeed.

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