How Machine Learning Involves In Every Industry?



Machine learning, the intelligent application of Artificial intelligence, has brought a great revolution in the tech industry. It has simplified a lot of our everyday activities. It made our life a lot easier.

Yes, knowingly or unknowingly, we are all using machine learning applications regularly in our day-to-day routine. But, if the question arises, we wonder what machine learning is.

Machine learning was first introduced in 1949 by Donal Hebb. Later in 1950, Arthur Samuel from IBM came up with the computer program to play checkers. This is how machine learning was born.

What is Machine Learning?

It’s an application of Artificial intelligence with the capability to learn and improve the user experience automatically. Its unique factor is that machine learning doesn’t need programmers to do these things.

Since then, the Machine learning industry is reaching its peak and making everyone’s life easier.

Applications of Machine Learning in The Real World

Machine learning has become a part of a human’s routine. Starting from the moment you wake, you start engaging with the applications of machine learning.

Top Machine Learning Industries

You must be wondering- why is machine learning important? Well, let’s see some applications of machine learning to see why it’s being used so much. Based on the area of implementation, here are a few categories where you are using machine learning-

●      Day to day activities

●      Business

●      Travel

●      Health care

1. Day to Day Activities:

In this current world, machine learning is becoming a part of our life. And some of the applications for day-to-day activities are listed below.

Image Recognition

All the current trend mobiles come with the face lock feature. Earlier, there were only options like fingerprint sensor, pattern, or pin. But now, you can unlock your phone just by looking at it. How easy is it? All the automated image organizing you get in your mobile gallery is done with the help of this image recognition application of Machine learning. In the visual search, you get tools like google lens work under the help of this image recognition system. Image recognition is also used in various places like self-driving cars, military surveillance.

Sentiment Analysis

The machine learning industry has become too smart to understand even our emotions and work based on that. Based on your previous performance of the user, a machine learning program analyses your feelings and provides you the experience based on that. For example, take the music players you are using now. Based on the songs you played before, it analyses your mood and shows you the songs relevant to that. Apart from this feature, sentiment analysis is also used in analyzing user-generated content like reviews. This helps in analyzing and arranging the reviews based on the category they fall in. With the help of this feature, your online shopping is made easy. You can easily go through the reviews on the category and make your wise decision on the purchase.

● Personal Assistance

How cool is it that you can easily set your alarm just by commanding over speech? All you need to say is, ‘Ok, google/ Hey Siri set the alarm for this time,’ and you are done. You can just give your digital assistant the inputs to remind you. You’ll be reminded automatedly, and all this is done easier with the help of machine learning.

2. Machine Learning in Industry:

Must mention that machine learning has brought a great number of profits and comfort to both the business owners and the customers. Machine learning plays a vital role in making the customers stay on the platform for a longer time in the business industry. With the following applications, you can understand the role of machine learning in industry-

● Video Surveillance

Video surveillance in the business helps with theft prevention, abnormal event detection like sudden fire or any other unusualities, parking area traffic monitoring, and more. Also, this is one of the most advanced applications of machine learning. By understanding the regular patterns of events happening around, the video surveillance analyzes the data in an advanced pattern.

● Recommendation Engine

Ever wondered about the movie or series recommendations you get on Netflix? Or witnessed ‘people who bought this also bought this on Amazon? These are some of the applications of machine learning. By analyzing the shopping pattern of the previous users, the program recommends some other products related to the customer’s previous purchase. This, in the long run, helps the eCommerce business to make more upsells just with the help of this program. The same thing goes with Netflix as well. Based on the movie or series you previously watched, the program analyzes what might interest you and shows you the movie recommendation.

● Advertisement

Machine learning also helps with showing ads. Based on the user’s performance in social media or the search engines, the program pops relevant ads to the user. Thus it improves sales for the business and gives the user a comfortable shopping experience.

3. Travel:

 Machine learning’s action in the travel industry is helping every single person who tends to drive a lot of travel to various places. Here are a couple of applications of machine learning that help in the travel industry.

● Maps

Applications like google maps take the user’s location, speed and analyze the fetched data with the place they intend to go. Then the program compares the user’s data with the other people’s google location and provides the traffic data. This program further shows the time required to reach the destination by considering the speed you are traveling.

● Translators

This is a great application that helps travelers who frequently travel to foreign places where the language is completely new to them. All that the user needs to do is just scan the wordings through the camera, and the tool translates the content to the language you prefer. This not only helps the travelers but also in translating a specific document or so in the workplace.

4. Health Care:

Machine learning is now playing a vital role in the healthcare industry. It helps in diagnosing the disease at its earlier stage. Some of the health care applications of Machine learning are,

●  Diagnosing

This application helps in diagnosing the stages of the disease by computing with genome-based sequencing. IBM’s Watson is a great application for this example.

● Diabetes Prediction

Algorithms like NN, Decision Tree, and Naive Bayes help in understanding the person’s health and thus predict diabetes.

The above-mentioned industries and applications are very small numbers. But, like this, there are a huge number of applications that are currently there in making our lives easier. There is also machine learning in cloud services that allow individuals and companies to store data online.

Future of Machine Learning:

Machine learning is growing rapidly now than before. This clearly shows that there is going to be a big future for machine learning and its applications.

A few years back, we wouldn’t have thought that accessing a phone can be done just with us speaking like we are speaking with a person. A few years back, we didn’t know how much traffic was going to be in our path. A few years back, businesses were not doing this much good with their upselling. But all these are made possible with the help of machine learning.

So, there will be unimagined results that machine learning is going to perform in the future. The future is also looking great for machine learning developers. With the way machine learning is growing, the demand for its developers is going to increase immensely in future years.

Thus there are more chances for robots to replace humans. Even now, there are some restaurants that serve with robots and not with a person. So, definitely in the future, these are going to be common.

Languages Used for Machine Learning:

Various languages are used in the building of a machine learning program. They are,

● Python

●  Java

●  R programming

●  C++

●  Java script

Though there are various other languages are used, this stays as the strong basics.

Predictions are there that,

●      Automated vehicles will be common

●      The automated house will be a regular thing for most the families

●      With the proper strategy of implementing machine learning in the business platforms, entrepreneurs are going to flourish with the help of artificial intelligence And there are a lot more.

Also, there are higher chances to see more machine learning solutions, machine learning consulting flowing around in the industry.

Maybe one day, all the industries might get tied up under the tech industry with the help of machine learning services, and life gets a lot more easier with these systems.

In the future, machine learning development will be a compelling field of business, and there are more chances for Software Development company in USA to work on these projects. Also, every other industry might fall under the umbrella of tech because of ML.

So what do you think might be the other impacts of machine learning on our life, and what are the other techy updates you would love to get from machine learning?

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Maybe today, our thoughts might sound crazy, but they will become reality in the future. Like how once we wished to be inside the video game and feel like we are living there, virtual reality knocked on the door, like that many updates might come. And machine learning app development will become a major part of the business in making better sales. Coming to the end of this article, we believe you got a cool set of insights on knowing Machine Learning in Manufacturing and how it’s going to leave its impact on the other industries.

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